Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brunch with a view | Curlies - Beach Shack, Bar & Restaurant, Anjuna Goa

The most hyped place among tourists in Goa - Curlies - is located near Flea Market on Anjuna Beach. Known for the wild psychedelic trance parties and hippie lifestyle, Curlies is a place everyone adds to their list of must-visit-places in Goa. Over the years, the beach shack has become less of a beach restaurant and more of an iconic landmark for visitors.

Curlies Beach Shack's interior is very simple, with sitting arrangement over looking the sea. It has the most detailed menu-card with every item accompanied by its snapshot, serving Goan (local), Indian, Italian, continental Cuisine. They also serve a plethora of drinks, wines and the cocktails all throughout the year.

Offering food and drink in a pleasant ambiance, Curlies Beach Shack is a perfect place to relax and unwind over the weekend. Curlies has a very relaxed aura with an unconventional crowd making for an idyllic getaway. Friendly staff, good food, drink, alternative music, free-flowing nomadic lifestyle, all night beach parties, spectacular sunsets and fabulous people is what takes you back to the Goa of the 1970's. 

Recommended visit during late afternoons if you want to enjoy the view and sunset. If you are looking for the psychedelic party experience, the night is definitely for you. Curlies is spread across two floors and can accommodate hundreds of people. You can head there for date night to enjoy candlelight dinner at the balcony facing the beach, or head there with friends to sip on some cocktails and chill at the lounge bar overlooking the Arabian Sea. 

I went to Curlies to have a relaxed afternoon and chill with an old college friend. We picked a corner diwan overlooking the beach and were enveloped in the cool sea breeze, view of the waves hitting the rocks and sun playing hide-and-seek at the horizon. It was relatively empty when we entered so we could pick the best spot, but it started filing up within an hour of we being there. But the vibe of the place didn't change even a bit. 

We sipped on some mocktails as we reminisced the good ol' college days. The mocktails were really great. If you are a beer person, you have a total of 12 beer brands to choose from. Or you can just make your own drinks or order a cocktail. If you aren't up for alcohol, Curlies serve a variety of mocktails, smoothies and juices.

The food menu is loaded with delicious appetizers. The main course menu isn't convincing, but you can pick out a variety of finger food to go with the drinks. They have Goan, a bit of Indian, Chinese, Italian. You can pick from a variety of seafood and grills. Curlies also serve a plethora of exotic dessert combos to satiate your sweet tooth. Truly a must-visit place to get a feel of what hippie lifestyle in Goa feels like.

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Pino Colada

Fruit Punch

Chicken Lolipop

Tuna Salad

Text and Photographs: Flexcia D'souza | Food Blogger | Goa

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