Monday, June 13, 2016

Welcome rains | Monsoon Essentials (Clothes, Makeup, Accessories) + Monsoon Day Party #OOTD

Hey guys

Wonder if it has started raining where you are! Here in Goa, it is raining cats and dogs. As I am typing this I can hear the rain lashing against my windowpane. Thankfully no thunder and lightening. The phase is over. It was only during the first week when it started raining that there was a thunderstorm that literally scared me.

Now it is the beautiful part of the monsoon. It's the third week of June, and it rains heavily, and you absolutely enjoy it if you are indoors. You can just sip on a cuppa or a bowl of soup, cuddle with a book and enjoy the weather. It gets messy if you have to go out - you might just step in a puddle or get water splashed on you. You never know. This is Goa. Anything happens here! *wink*

If it is still summer where you are, I am jealous of you. Summer flew off within a blink of an eye. It is my favourite season I must say. We don't have autumn, spring and winter in Goa, but we have summers, so that's the only season I can enjoy thoroughly. Winters aren't anything like the real winters. It's still hot and sticky during the day, so it can easily pass off as summer.

In case you are living in a place where it is raining heavily as it is in Goa, this post is for you. I shall sum up some rainy day essentials you need handy during the rains:

Rain shoes or sandals. Or boots:

Whatever is the fad in the place you are living at, just get a pair or two of those. You do not want to ruin your shoes, or clothes. Might as well invest in some quality rain wear, since it is raining so heavily and will continue for another four months or so. STAY AWAY FROM FLIPFLOPS. Flipflops are meant for the summers. Atleast in Goa. Do not dare to step out in flipflops this season and ruin your clothes by having the flipflops make mucky patterns on your back. Just get some comfy sandals, shoes, or if you want to protect your feet completely, get a pair of boots. Best option! There are so many fancy colours and prints to pick from. You can go crazy with the colours and use some really cool ones to pop up the otherwise drab weather.

Umbrellas and raincoats:

This is definitely a rainwear essential. Obviously! We do enjoy getting wet in the rains sometimes, but not all the time. Also, you get fed up of it after the first few days, or worse, might fall sick after a few months. So best option is, invest in a really cool raincoat and/or umbrella. You have so many fancy patterns, colours and prints to choose from. Pick up whatever best suits your taste and personality. Secondly, also a good raincoat or rain jacket if you are riding a bike or simply find the umbrella doesn't protect you enough from the rains. You do not want to stick to the basic black or blue. You can pick up a really cool one. I got myself a pink polka dotted raincoat. I should show it to you guys. I shall post a photograph on Instagram soon. Make sure you follow me there.


You do not need an entirely new wardrobe for rains, but you just need to alter your summer wardrobe to suit the weather. Since monsoon is pretty much cool. you can pack your cotton clothes and leave it at the end of the closet to be used next summer. You do not want your white kurti clinging to your body when you're wet. Isn't it? So make smart choices in clothes. Stay away from full length jeans. It takes forever to dry. You can substitute them with cuffed jeans or shorter denims. No shorts please. They are again better saved for the summer. Jeggings and capris can be your best friends. They can be paired with pretty tops and become your go-to outfit for a rainy day. You can pull out some palazzos and skirts in light materials that aren't see-through but dry easily. Like the dress I am wearing in this post!

Lipsticks and blusher:

You need some really cool lipsticks to keep you going through the rains. Since you avoid makeup on a day-to-day basis, you can just wear some chic lipstick and some blusher and get going. It instantly highlights your face and gives a makeup finish. Do not forget your moisturizer and CC cream. It is a must this season too. Also, in case you are a complete makeup junkie, water-resistant or water-proof eye liner and mascara is your go-to makeup products. Avoid doing anything to your face besides the blusher, but you can highlight your eyes for a bit of drama.

These are your monsoon essentials that'll help you sail through the monsoon in style. Also, this is an #OOTD I wore to the late afternoon party at this beautiful villa on the historic Chorao Island yesterday. The weather was exceptionally good last evening and nature looked wonderful. There are a lot of afternoon parties hosted during the monsoon, and it's a bit tricky as to what to wear. Fitted dresses are saved for the nights, shorts are saved for the pool (if you aren't a bikini person like me). So I picked this flowy asymmetric dress and paired it with a pop coloured belt. My comfy rain sandals, and a water-resistant sling bag!

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