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Sherwin shares his fitness journey + diet, workout regime and lifestyle for a great body

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Why I  stepped into fitness...

-          It all started back in 2013 when I used to see a lot of reality shows and wanted to be like one of contestants. Slowly I realised that life is not that easy and you don't get success in an instant. Also, practically I had no support from parents and society to get into the entertainment industry.

I used to read a lot of fitness blogs and read about nutrition. Also coming from a science background it gave me an interest in learning about the effects of some foods on our body in details. That’s the time I decided I need to go more into detail about fitness and enrolled my self in the gym where I was monitored by the trainer. 


Journey so far...

-         When I started, it was a bit difficult to manage studies, gym and eating habits due to various financial reasons. It is said that foods which are healthy are always expensive in relation to body building and fitness.

I did have some restrictions from parents with regards to buying supplements as they always thought it was bad to intake supplements. Other reason being the gym owners or suppliers sold it for a much higher price making it difficult to get them.

After a year I moved to London, again started the cycle of getting adjusted here, working, as it’s a fast paced country. About 6 months back when I got stable, I started lifting again and now there is a huge difference in what I was and what I am now.

I feel more confident about myself. People look up to me for advice and motivation. My physique is better than before, I feel I made good use of my time here though I work from morning to late evenings, then hit the gym. There is a lot to sacrifice if you would want to achieve a good physique and normal good eating habits if you have to have a fit body.


-        I would continue what I am doing now and also started with a part time degree in personal training and nutrition and weight management course. I will soon create my own web page where I could help people to gain their goals in terms of fitness.
Managing time and diet...

-         I start off my day at 7 a.m.. I need to travel for an hour to reach my work place. After a long day I am back home by 8 p.m., rest for may be an hour and then hit the gym.

It is difficult to have a fixed proper diet when you are working. But all I do it get a food travel bag. put in my meals that I need to have during the day, stock my protein shake and I am good to go.

My diet consists of a heavy breakfast, I have small or roughly medium meals after every two and half hour. Breakfasts would be of egg whites, oats, low fat yogurt, and citric fruits, berries and nuts.

Meals would usually consist of boiled vegs, brown bread, low fat meat slices and lean meat (boiled and stir fry).

In between I have protein shakes and most important, a lot of water - may be 6 to 7 lts a day.

Some quick tips...

One doesn't need to do this all week long. You can have a cheat meal once in a way. I do enjoy a bit of ice creams and sweets sometimes. I go clubbing, movies or for a drink. It does not harm you if you do it once a week.

Important is balancing your life and giving priorities to the things you like doing. People usually think that you can workout and then eat anything. They assume it would dissolve. But the truth is, physique in made in the kitchen and in bed.

A practical fact and advice would be, do not hesitate to carry your food along with you just beacuse people are talking about it. Remember the food will help you attain your goals and not them.

Workout would be just 20% of it the rest would be eating habits and having a good stress free sleep. If you are keen and are into fitness, other things also fall in place as workout is not only for the body, it has other benefits as well.
June 2016

About the Author:

Sherwin is a Goan settled in London, UK. He is a fitness enthusiast and has been training since 2013. 

You can follow Sherwin on Instagram for more! Also tell me if this post interested you and helped you in any way, and I shall put up more fitness stories.

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