Friday, June 24, 2016

Quick hacks to turn your bad hair day into good hair day

A bad hair day is like a girl’s worst nightmare and mostly happens when there’s an important event coming up! An important meeting, a date night or an important function, sticky or frizzy hair can ruin it all. Root cause might be anything, but acting rather than blaming is the solution. Here are some quick hacks to manage your untamable hair.

#1 Dry Shampoo

Spray the dry shampoo atleast six inches away from the roots and wait for atleast two minutes before you style your hair.

#2 Use Talcum Powder

To absorb the access oil in your hair, just use talcum powder. Take some powder on a makeup brush or simply take it on your hand and run it through your hair close to the follicles. Just dust out any access powder left. Trust me, it works!

#3 Add a scarf or headband

Adding a cute or quirky scarf or headband can definitely pep up your outfit. Get a cool hairstyle using the hair accessories and try taking the attention away from your messy hair the bohemian way.

#4 Wear a cap or a hat

If you're headed outdoors, a cap or a hat won't only cover your hair, but will compliment your outfit. Also, caps and hats are in during the summers. 

#5 Tease the roots

A bad hair day can sometimes be an advantage. Here is a little hack – try back combing your hair from the roots. The back combing gives your hair a lift and adds heaps of volume!

#6 Pony tail or braid

The most natural way to hide frizzy hair, oily hair, fly-aways or even lifeless hair is to tie it up into an artsy braid or high ponytail. Just backcomb a bit to add more volume.

#7 Tie a high bun

If nothing works at all, tie it up in a messy bun. It works for me all the time. Swirl it, twirl it around and tie it up as high as possible and you’re good to face the world outside.

The next time you have a bad hair day you know what to do. Try these, and thank me later. Also share with your friends if you think this is helpful.

Styling and Modeling by Flexcia D'souza
Photography by Ghananil Naik | Sandesh Gomes

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