Thursday, June 16, 2016

4 ways to convert leftover chocolate cake into incredible gourmet desserts || Put your leftover cake to use

Is there anything sadder than throwing away leftover chocolate cake? When you have a lot of cake left and don't want to waste it, I am sure you have wondered about ways to use those leftover cake bits. Isn't it?

As the title suggests. this post is for all you chocolate cake lovers, who wouldn't want to give the cake away, and yet wouldn't be able to eat all of it. You can just put it to use by making some delicious desserts. If you are like me who loves to experiment in the kitchen with little scraps and bits you find here and there, you will completely understand what I am showing you below.

Here are four delicious ways to put the cake to use. There were many more, but I finished the cake meanwhile. So just these for now.

#1 Trifle

A trifle is a clever idea to disguise cake scraps as gourmet dessert. Using leftover cake scraps, layer in cups either in chunks or cut circles, Layer it with whatever is at hand like icecream, nuts, jelly, custard, pudding, cake/cookie crumbs, and so on to convert it into a trendy looking dessert.

#2 Chocolate Dad

The best way to enjoy your leftover chocolate cake is to eat it with vanilla icecream. Just add a layer of cake and crushed cookies or busicuits and top it with icecream and some choco-trimmings to make a flavoursome dessert.

#3 Shake

When in doubt, take any leftover cake scraps and toss them into a blender with ice cream and milk for a sinfully delicious cake milkshake.
#4 Parfait

This is a clever idea to make use of the leftover cake minus the icing. Just combine multiple ingredients like cake pieces, crumbs, pudding, cookies, icecream, etc. as add ins to make it look beautiful and delectable.

There you go! 4 ways to use leftover cake. It’s definitely worth using the cake scraps. Sure you can just throw them out if you want to. But if you are like me and want to make the most of what you have, try some of these ideas.

If you have a brilliant way that you use your leftover cake, let me know by commenting below! I’d love to hear about it.

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