Thursday, August 4, 2016

25 things you'll relate to if your best friend lives in a different city or country

There’s no bond like the one you share with your best friend. They’re not just a friend, they’re family. If one of you moves to a different city or country, the grief is real. It nearly kills you when you have to part with a promise to keep in touch. The first few days are difficult, but eventually you get used to the distance and learn to live life without them. You sure do miss them and all the memories that you have with them are our priciest possession. These are things you instantly relate to if you have a long distance bff.

#1 Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You sure start valuing each other more.

#2 You learn the meaning of real friendship. Everything you once took for granted brings tear in your eyes now.

#3 You learn to distinguish between the real and fake friends. Because you finally understood how nothing matters if you value the relationship, no matter whatever comes in between..

#4 You have your priorities in check. No matter how busy you are, you make it a point to take out time for the ones you love truly.

#5 You learn to be more independent. They unintentionally taught you to be more independent since they aren't there to hold your back all the time.

#6 You come out of your comfort zone. You just learn to come out of your shell, try new things and surprise your friend with all new avatar,

#7 You realise the harsh realities of life. Life sure isn't easy when your best friend isn't with you. Everything changes.

#8 You find all innovative means to communicate. And you communicate more than you ever did.

#9 You just adjust to sleeping hours and time differences and are up for a conversation at any time of the day or night.

#10 Silly texts are no longer redundant. They just bring the brightest smile on your face. A simple 'Good Morning' and 'Good Night' texts from them makes you the happiest.

#11 You have a lot of emotional conversations reminiscing all the good ol' days.

#12 You are always counting days to meet them. And planning all the things you will do together.

#13 When you eventually meet them after all the anticipation, it's the most fun thing ever.

#14 They're still the first person you update with major changes in your life

#15 You secretly pray that you both should end up in the same city again, so that you get to hang out more often, party harder and go on all the crazy weekend trips all over again.

#16 As they are no longer available, you start making new friends. But it isn't all so easy.

#17 And you feel super guilty for having fun without them.

#18 But at the same time wonder whether they are missing you as much as you do. And are a slightest bit jealous when they seem to be happy without you.

#19 Stalking each other on Facebook and Instagram and posting silly comments in language that only the two of your understand is your favourite past time.

#20 Life suddenly seems to be getting more serious. Suddenly your friend starts giving you a lot of 'gyan' which they think is important.

#21 Every little thing that they do and say matter. Like a silly voice note or a cute gift in your mailbox. Or a surprise visit!

#22 You are always thinking of innovative ways to make them feel special, all the time.

#23 Besides, you suddenly start treasuring all relationships and people that matter, in the fear that you might miss them when they go away too.

#24 Hearing simple phrases like 'I miss you' and 'I love you so much' makes you cry.

#25 The phrase 'I am always there for you' makes so much more sense now. You realise that having a true friend supporting you from miles away gives you so much more strength to fight all odds.

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