Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Raven | Rishi and Soujit at India Beach Fashion Week 2016 Summer Dive

A mix of boldness and delicateness. A bit of traditional, a chunk of fresh patterns that were never imagined. A concoction of bright colours and subdued hues. Spirited. Calm. Over-the-top. Patient. Energetic. Not out-of-the-box but out-pf-the-hat. That's how they whip up a fine performance called Rishi and Soujit. Gentle. Steady. But nurturing over-the-top dreams in fashion. They're the grip that brings about the final climax to the tango.

In the collection showcased at India Beach Fashion Week Summer Dive 2016, RAVEN - a collection that speaks all about freedom, the collection which symbolise eterna life, it connects you between heaven and earth. A glamorous use of gold, black, navy blues, beige in the colour story, and very edgy but glamorous silhouettes which represent Indian fashion sensibility to the global reach.

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