Wednesday, May 25, 2016

HCD | Harshita Chaterjee Deshpande at India Beach Fashion Week 2016 Summer Dive

HCD is a Pret and Resort wear label by designer Harshita Chaterjee Deshpande. An HCD woman knows what she wants without having to explain her simplistic, definitive style, while never having her comfort at question. It is for the woman who boldly walk through the world while exploring mystical cities, yet knows the sedative comfort of home. Fluidity in fabric and prints is signature to the style of the label.

The collection showcased at India Beach Fashion Week 2016 Summer Dive is the exploration of duality between a conformist and a rebel. The attempt to define and explore the mystical is represente through the print of the ancient temple ruins of India. While the treatment for the print of the textile has been on a canvas of fluid black, representing the rebel and the defined, passing through the ensemble. It is a bold luxe-resort wear collection that is for the modern Indian woman as well as for the traveller who enjoys explorations.

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