Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DSBT | Darshi Shah - Bhavin Trivedi at India Beach Fashion Week 2016 Summer Dive

The collection showcased by DSBT at India Beach Fashion Week 2016 Summer Dive, consisting of moderately to heavily embellished Bridal/ Festive apparel for men and women, was originally inspired by the sheer, loosely flowing, delicate drapes and silhouettes in sandro Botticelli paintings. The equally smoothly flowing forms of the Baroque motifs inspired embellishments on the garments. The entire look attempts to bring back the delicateness. ethereal beauty and the regalia of the medieval and pre-post-medieval periods with a modern look.

Darshi Shah has been educated in the prestigious London College of Fashion, UK and Bhavin Trivedi received formal design education at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). In 2010, the now popular designer duo joined hands to establish the label Darshi Shah - Bhavin Trivedi, now fondly called DSBT.

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