Saturday, April 16, 2016

YetAnother by Danica

Hey guys

Sorry I am not able to post regularly since I am busy with my last minute research work and project submissions in college. For those who do not know, I am in my final semester, pursuing Master of Communications and Media Studies. 

As part of my project, I am supposed to create and run a blog for a specific time period. This blog is not applicable for marking. So I had to create another blog for the project and I am busy working on that. You can find it here. It is about interesting people I come across in life. Do check that blog out - like, comment and share my posts, Every little thing you do for me will help me score better!

So yesterday I wrote about this really pretty and talented girl I came across. She is a visual artist and graphic designer - Danica. And as a Thank You gift, she created this really beautiful illustration of me which I want to show you'll. Thank you Danica for this lovely caricature. Totally me... Wearing basic tee and shorts, with big smile, bright lip stick and earrings! hahaa 

You can follow Danica on Facebook and Instagram and check out more of her work there.


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