Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This amazing food photograph I clicked at breakfast table in Hampi featured in today's Hearld Cafe

I live to EAT. Food is extremely therapeutic and most of my travels, celebrations, and get-togethers revolve around food, and I’m often navigating menus before I visit restaurants. I love the feeling of immersing myself in a culture that’s unknown. I love travelling to different places to experience their cuisines, the nightlife, and to explore the city’s secrets often, after befriending locals. There’s a real thrill in anonymity, and travelling allows you to grow, learn, and experience a clash of cultures all at once.

During the Hampi trip, nothing of that sort happened. Hampi is a place which has fusion of cultures. It's a global city where people from all over the world come and reside. Staying at Hippie Island was a one of its kind experience. I vividly remember this breakfast scene. It was after a long morning walk exploring the ruins that I entered Rasta. My friend and I were the only Indians there. We mingled around and spoke to a lot of foreigners. And ate something totally different. Also my habit of clicking a photograph of the food before I eat prompted me to capture this beautiful shot in my average phone camera. And today it got featured in the Herald Cafe. Have a look...

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