Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#ShopaholicDiaries || Shopping Haul : Evening shopping at Unlimited Stores

I want my wardrobe to be full of good clothes, so that when I'm deciding what to wear, I don't run out of options. I love shopping! How many of us DO NOT love shopping? All of us do. Don't we?

I'm a bit of a clothes hoarder, admittedly. My girlfriends go shopping in my wardrobe when they come over and especially love it when they get stuff with a tag still on. This happens durinng those instances when you absolutely love something, that you just buy it without thinking how or where you will wear it. Everyone has those moments. But I have a wee bit more than the others.

So today evening was about shopping at Unlimited Stores. As the store name suggests, it is a perfect match for shopaholics. It gives you unlimted options and you can buy unlimted stuff without a hole in your pocket. You will absolutely love the fact that you get such a variety of stuff under one roof at throwaway prices. Right from chic dresses and tunics to kurtis and fancy ethnic wear - they have everything you dream about when it comes to clothes.

Be aware: You shall end up getting more than one piece home every time you go shopping at Unlimited Stores. The sheer variety they offer and the price range under which they are placed is reason enough for you to pick up things way more than what you intend to.

Today evening was all about changing around fifty pieces of clothing to finally select five best ones. I got a couple of kurtas, a ravishing skirt and a bunch of cool captioned tees (my all time favourite) and well, nothing is pink. *wink*

Wait until my next post where I shall put up photos styling what I got from Unlimted Stores shopping haul. I hardly wear Indian clothes. But this shopping haul led to buying a lot of Indian ethnic wear. They were so good, I just changed my favourites for a while. So stay tuned for something new and unconventional. Some new unconventional shoot pictures coming shortly!

By Flexcia D'souza
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