Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Perfect Dressing for Every Occasion || Men's Styling

If there is one man you should follow for outfit inspiration for every occasion, it is Rahul Vyas, Pune based fitness model and fashion influencer. Rahul with his super sharp and flawless style effortlessly puts together an outfit that can give you serious style envy. You should follow Rahul on Instagram for his takes on fashion, trend alerts and fitness tips. When most men out there are struggling to decide what to wear, this man here has his style game on point all the time. May it be to an office meeting or a date night, he knows how to dress up to make a few heads turn every time he walks into a crowded room. Here are some of his looks you can get inspired from:

Casual Look

Street Style Look

Biker Look

Summer Day Out Look

Brunch Look

Geek Look

Denim on Denim Look

Classy Look

Day Out Look

Travel Look

Music Festival Look

Office Look

Funky Look

Date Look

Dinner Date Look

Gym Look

Basic Look

Hippie Look

Outing With Friends Look

Business Meeting Look

Wedding Look

Beach Look

Party Look

Day Out Shopping Look

Family Function Look

Quirky Look

I don't care look

Too lazy to dress up look

I have been loving Rahuls styling for quite some time. It was about time I shared it with you guys. Also, this is the first men's styling post on the blog. Tell me if you like it and whether you need more, And if yes, what posts would you want? I shall request the man himself to create a few blogs for you'll. Hope this post helps in some way. So guys, keep it stylish, at all times! Don't forget to tag Rahul and me on Instagram when you create a new look. We will love to see what you are wearing *wink* Until next time, Byeeeeeeee
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