Tuesday, April 12, 2016

M.O.D. Mad Over Donuts launches a range of Signature Donuts in four flavours

For those who do not know me well, I love M.O.D. Mad Over Donuts. Well, I was introduced to Mad Over Donuts rather late in life by my best friend during a visit to Pune around three years back. And as their tagline says, it is indeed 'love at first bite'.

That's how my love for M.O.D. began. I had a sweettooth since earlier, but I was more about cupcakes and pastries. But suddenly, Mad Over Donuts became my new found love. Very soon I tried Krispy Kreme in Delhi. Dunkin Donuts' opened a store in Goa a year and a half back, so I eventually tried that as well. But dude, M.O.D. Mad Over Donuts is the absolute favourite.

I have made it a point to visit Mad Over Donuts every time I am in the city. It's a pity that we do not have Mad Over Donuts in Goa. But it's still there in the nearest cities - Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. So it's kinda ok! I can still grab a bunch of donuts every time I am in the city.

I have visited a bunch of stores in Pune and Mumbai. I have been to the store in Dadar West, Bandra Carter Road, Infiniti Mall Malad, Phoenix Mall Lower Parel, Korum Mall Thane and Andheri Lokhandwala store in Mumbai and at the stores at Amanora Mall, Inorbit Mall and Phoenix Marketcity Mall in Viman Nagar. Even though I tried so hard to locate atleast one store in Delhi and Bangalore when I visited, I couldn't find one, so settled for Krispy Kreme instead.

At. Mad Over Donuts, they serve 25 flavours of fresh and delicious Donuts including glaze, chocolate, fruits, nuts and savoury flavours. You can take home boxes of three, six or twelve assorted flavours or get a Box of Happiness if you want to gift someone a box of donuts with a personalized message. The standard box of Bites have eighteen bite sized donuts in them. M.O.D. Mad Over Donuts also serve eight flavours of cupcakes including chocolate and oreo. Isn't this love? To top it. M.O.D. Mad Over Donuts has a range of coffee to choose from as well. What else do you need to be happy when you can have M.O.D. Mad Over Donuts to make you smile everyday?

In the donuts, I absolutely love the Double Trouble, Heavenly Hazel, Chocolate Decadence and the Chocolate Spot, while in the cupcakes, Chocolicious, Rick Crumble and Nutella Frost are my favourites. 

To add to all this madness that already exist, they have added a signature range of four new donuts - Tiramisu, Salted Caramel, Mocha Truffle and Vanilla Cheesecake. I am so excited to try the Tiramisu and Mocha Truffle. And also may be Vanilla Cheesecake. And.... Salted Caramel too? Okay! I am excited to try all four. Can't wait to get to the city to try these new donuts by Mad Over Donuts. M.O.D., why you no come to Goa?

This is what you will find in the new Signature range of Donuts.

The Tiramisu Donut

This delicious, Italian inspired donut is made with white chocolate, coca dusting and a tiramisu buttercream filling.

The Salted Caramel Donut

Caramel is almost as loved as chocolate when it comes to desserts. Caramel finds its way into Mad Over Donuts in a donut stuffed with salted caramel buttercream, caramel sauce, crushed butterscotch and sea salt.

The Mocha Truffle Donut

The Mocha truffle combines a white chocolate ganache filling with a white chocolate topping.

The Vanilla Cheesecake Donut

Have your cheesecake and eat a donut too with this vanilla infused cream cheese donut that is topped with biscuit crumbs.

I am so excited to try these. Are you?

(P.S.  This is not a sponsored post. I did this post merely coz I love M.O.D. so much)


photos courtesy : M.O.D. Mad Over Donuts

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