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How I lost three kgs in three months the real way || Tricks to eat a lot and stay slim at the same time

This post is merely on request from a couple of people who pinged me on Facebook and Instagram asking how I manage to remain slim even though I eat so much. Firstly let me tell you, I do eat a lot at times. But there are times I eat very less as well. So it kinda balances. I love good food. So I don't miss out on any chance I get to gorge on good food. My mind is kinda conditioned to accept good food, and if I don't like something I just won't eat it. I'd rather starve, and I'll be absolutely alright with that. I love pizza and burgers no doubt. But I am up for experimenting with new food anytime. So I eat a variety of things. Some of which I like and eat again, some I eat so much that I get addicted to it and some I never eat again. So that's about my food.

Talking about me being slim, I ain't. I was at some point in time. When I was modeling, I was 50kgs. And I felt that was perfect for my height and body structure. I'm not tall, you know. I'm average height. So if I'm on the skinnier side I definitely look better. Over the course of eight months, after I came to Mangalore in July 2014, I put on three kgs. And my weight was constant for a while. It didn't grow overnight. It was the result of eating out a lot. So it wasn't really evident. Then when I was traveling, when I was in Delhi for a month, I put on two kgs more. It seemed fine since it was just two kgs more. But when I checked my weight in December 2015, I was a whooping 56kgs. Like three kgs more than what I considered average. I did not wish to go back to being 50 and skinny. 53 was fine you know. But 56??? Hell no! My waist grew by two inches. I had difficulty fitting in my old clothes. I had to stop wearing t-shirts altogether. I had to leave my crop tops at the far end of the closet without using them for months. And had to jump around like a monkey to get in my jeans.

I knew I had to reduce. I missed being home. Back home in Goa, mum would take care of my food. I would keep eating all day long and still not put on weight. But when I was here, I was putting on weight so easily. I was trying to find out the reasons, so that I could pull down. And after much efforts I was able to loose my 3 extra kgs in three months. I DO NOT exercise. Even though I decided to go jogging starting from January, I went for just three days and never went back again. So I knew exercise is so not my cup of tea. I had to find an alternative. Not eating or eating healthy was out of question too. I'd rather drink Pepsi or Coke instead of fruit juice and have French fries instead of veggies. So somewhere around January I made a conscious decision to pull down a bit, and now three months later, I'm feeling so good about myself.

This goes out to people who think being fat doesn't matter, who think being fat is absolutely normal and size zero is a big no-no. Dude, it's an individuals choice. I like being slimmer. It makes me feel confident about myself. I love boho clothes. I can't do without my crop tops. I couldn't wear crop tops for like six months because of my weight issue. It was difficult to embrace my fat self. I didn't like how I looked or felt. If I myself couldn't like how I looked, why would anyone else do? If being slimmer makes me feel happy, I don't think you should have any issues with me. I cannot be size zero, even though I wish to be, but slim is possible. And this is what I did to get slimmer. You can do it too if you're hoping to pull down a bit.

#1  Make a conscious decision that you want to loose weight. If it's not firm in your head, you never will be able to pull down.

#2  Keep yourself motivated. Think of the new bodycon dress you got and can't wear or the cropped top you have an eye on since so long. Look at your photographs from the time you were slimmer. Think of the hot guy you wish will notice you. Think of anything. But stay motivated. Keep reminding yourself of something that will make you happy and enthusiastic to take up this challenge.

#3  Think before you eat. I'm so not a diet person. I never eat healthy food. I eat anything and everything. And it's absolutely alright. If something makes you happy, don't try to snatch the happiness away from you. So eat what you wish to. But before that, just Google the amount of calories you are intaking every time you eat a bag of chips. It'll automatically make you keep it aside. It won't sadden you one tad bit, but will make you happy that you have skipped one portion of junk food. Also have like a 'clean eating day' where you try and eat healthy one day a week. If not one whole day, atleast one meal.

#4  Please don't stop eating. The very fact that you're plump proves that you love your food. So please don't sacrifice your food. It makes you happy. So eat it. But don't go at it like a glutton. Be a little more lady like. Know your limits. Eat to your hearts content, but don't overeat just because you like something or you know you won't get anything good in the next few hours. This is exactly how I put on weight when I shifted to Mangalore. When I was home, I knew I'd get food all day long. So I ate only when I was hungry. So I ended up eating little portions of food all day long. But ever since I've come here, I don't have access to good food all day. So every time I went out, I'd stuff myself so that I can skip dinner. I often skipped breakfast and had a heavy lunch instead. So it all had its toll. So please don't do this.

#5  Eat smaller meals throughout the day instead. Instead of having three meals a day, break it into six or eight meals. As a result you are eating well, but not putting on as much weight as you would if you ate at once. I understand it's not possible if you're working or in college. But you can always carry some light snacks or your favourite fruit or a box of assorted nuts and just munch on them as you work. It easily solves the problem. It works. I did it. Trust me, It works.

#6  Lots of water please. When I say lots of water, there a trick I'll tell you. Drink a lot of water before a heavy meal, like lunch or dinner. This will make sure you do not bloat up. Since your tummy already has enough water you won't bloat up. Secondly, two glasses cold water first thing in the morning! Everyone tells us drink a lot of water, but no one tells us this. Cold water in the morning increases metabolism, as a result of which you can eat a lot and not get fat.

#7  Two cups green tea a day. I know it's yucky, but trust me on this, once you start liking it, you can't be without it. It is addictive! A healthy addiction though. It cleanses your body and helps keep you healthy too, besides reducing belly fat. Yes, it does. Try it!!! Two cups on partially empty stomach or half an hour before a meal should work.

#8 Just be consistent. Follow this for at least a couple of months to see results. It won't happen overnight. It took me three months to loose three kgs. Putting on weight is easy, loosing difficult!
That's it. That's all I did to loose the extra fat and get back to my normal self. How easy is that? I did not work out, did not sacrifice my meals or starve myself to death. I just skipped the 'two chocolates a day' routine and ate just one Dark Fantasy cookie instead of five everyday. It's really not required OK. Unless you're in a really shitty mood, you don't need Lays and Dark Fantasy and Chocolate every day. Skip it for just a few a day and it makes a hell lot of difference. Also the extra water you drink and the green tea brings about a big change in you. It also let's your face get clearer and reduces acne. So double benefits.

One more thing, it worked for me, might not work for you. Not everyone's body type is the same. So I once again repeat, this might not work for you. Also, if you're already fat and trying to pull down, it might not work. This is for people who feel they have gained weight over the last couple of months and want to get back to their original size without a lot of efforts. So this is an easy way to loose weight gradually. It takes a lot of time, but it does work out. Also I'm no nutritionist or dietrician to recommend things. I'm just sharing my experience here, so think before you do anything.

Have fun. Do what makes you happy. If you feel eating makes you happy and you don't bother about the weight, eat whatever you feel like. If you want both, just be a little smart and you can maintain a balance - eat good food and be slim as well. So, guys, if any of you used these tricks and found them helpful, do let me know through the comments box below.

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Text: Flexcia D'souza
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