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Cool drinks for a hot day : #15 refreshing summer drinks you will love

KFC choco-brownie Krusher

Summers are here. And I can't get enough of the iced teas and tender coconut water. So I thought of sharing my favourite summer drinks with you'll. As the temperature around you soars, cool off with these summer chillers! Instead of sipping on colas and sodas all day long, you can pick one of these nutritious drinks instead. They're readily available, simple and undeniably tasty.

Lemon and Lemongrass Iced Tea at the chilled out Ruta's World cafe at FabIndia, Mapusa, India

#1  Iced Tea

I am totally addicted to iced tea. I have bottles of it in the fridge and ask for iced teas everywhere I go. I'm not a tea person, but lemon iced tea is so refreshing. Also try the favoured iced tea. I recently tried berry, peach, pomegranate, raspberry and Strawberry iced tea and they are amazing.

Peach Iced Tea served in this unique way. Iced Tea tub at Social Offline, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Lemon iced tea at Cremaux, Mapusa, Goa

Pomogranate, Rasberry and Lemon Iced Tea at NesCafe, Miramar, Goa

#2  Tender Coconut water

What can be more refreshing than stopping at a roadside vendor to sip on some fresh tender coconut water. Even though it's not ice cold, it still cools you off and hydrates you on a hot day.

Tender coconut water

#3 Coco cooler

If you can't have more than one tender coconut at a time, carry it home. Pour it in a tall glass, add lemon and little pieces of the coconut fruit for a healthy drink.

Coco-cooler at Bunts Hostel Circle, Mangalore

#4  Sugarcane juice

Another drink found at every corner is the sugarcane juice. Just make sure the place looks a little hygienic and drink away to beat the summer heat.

Jumbo sugarcane juice at Fort, Mumbai
Fresh sugarcane juice outside St Aloysius College, Mangalore

#5 Cold coffee

This is for all coffee addicts out there. It's too hot to drink coffee, how about a glass of cold coffee with ice cream?

Ignore the Expresso next to the tall glass of Cold Coffee with Icecream at Cafe Coffee Day

#6  Fresh Fruit Juices

Fruits juices are perfect for every season. But a chilled glass made of summer fruits like watermelon, grapes or mango are perfect for the summers. You can't get enough of them. Also if you're making it at home, try adding bits of fruit pulp to it. You can skip your meal and have this refreshing drink instead.

Mixed fruit juice at Rasta Cafe, Hampi

Grape juice with pulp at Dinky Dine, Kadri, Mangalore

#7  Smoothies

Another drink you'd want to have if you wanna skip a meal is a smoothie. It's heavy and filling, and you won't feel hungry for quite a bit. If you're on a move or just want to skip meals because it's too hot to eat, a smoothie is perfect. A good fruit or vegetable smoothie is a good option for breakfast as well.

Sneakers smoothie at Knock Knockk Burger Bistro, Mangalore
Chilling at Montys Cafe, Mangalore

#8  Milkshakes

The fruit milkshakes are a great option. You get it almost everywhere or you can make it easily at home by blending any pulpy fruit like banana, mango, strawberry, chikoo, papaya, avocado or kiwi with sweeteners or chocolate or anything you wish to add. Add a scoop of ice-cream and it's a great summer drink. I also love the chocolate milkshake with chocolate ice-cream scoop on top.

Oreo Milkshake outside St Aloysius College, Mangalore

Oreo Shake at Juice Junction, Mangalore

#9  Krushers

Even though they're too thick and goey to be called a drink, I'd still add it. They're heavenly and I can have a krusher at basically any time of the day, or well, night! You can just skip regular meals and have krushers instead. Made by adding ice-cream, yogurt, cookies, chocolates, genache and brownies, they are a favourite among chocolate lovers. There are so many variations you can pick from, and each one is my favourite. The oreo krusher tops the list. The Ferraro Roccher, kit kat and sneakers krushers are delightful too. I can't have enough of the the chocolate brownie krushers too. Krushers are simple to make at home too. Just add whatever ingredients you choose from the ones listed above, freeze it or add ice cubes and you have a mug of a delightful krusher.

Sneakers Krusher at #45 #Eat Cafe, Mangalore
Cooling off with this magnificent drink at Monty's Cafe, Mangalore

#10  Lassi

Made of yogurt, this is a creamy summer drink. Serve it chilled with a dash of cardamom garnished with nuts, and it makes you feel great. Lassi comes in different flavours too. The thick mango Lassi is my favourite this season.

Lassi at Forum Mall, Mangalore

#11  Masala chaas

This is made with an Indian twist to buttermilk. Instead of sweetening it, spices are added to make this refreshing drink. I've never tried making it at home, but I have it outside occasionally.

#12  Frozen Almond Milk

Summers call for glasses of chilled milk blended with nuts. Delicately flavored with cardamom, the nuts in this chilled, cooling drink don't just make it tasty, they pack a mighty nutritious punch too!

Mango Juice at Danish, City Center Mall, Mangalore

#13  Panha

This sweet-sour-spicy drink is made of raw mangoes abundant during the summers. I first got introduced to it through a friend from Nagpur. It's a perfect thirst quencher for the summers.

#14  Lemon Ginger Squash

I first had this during the trip to Hampi. It's a spicy tangy summer drink made of lemon and spices. It's very simple to make and you can store the concentrate in the fridge to make it easily whenever you feel the need. You just have to make a syrup with sugar, powdered cloves, nutmeg and aniseed and add the lemon and ginger juice to it. Can be served with cold water and crushed ice on a hot day.

Lemon Coke outside St Aloysius College, Mangalore

#15  Lemonade

This is the simplest and the most common thirst quencher you can find. You can easily find it at any food outlet or it can be made at home by adding sugar and salt to lemon juice and chilled water. You can also make it with aerated drinks like soda, Sprite or Coke.

Lemonade at Pizza Hut, Mangalore
Fresh lime soda at Juice Junction

These are my favourite drinks during the summer. Wonder if you have tried any of these. If yes, do comment below and tell me which ones and how you liked it. If no, go try it. NOW. It's too hot to not drink them. Also tell me through your comments below if you love some other summer drinks besides these and I shall try them too.


Text: Flexcia D'souza || food blogger 

All photographs clicked by: Flexcia D'souza

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