Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Best of Mangalore Part 6: Where to get the best Tender Coconut Dessert ever

In my quest to find the best Mangalore has to offer and bring it to you guys, I reached the place where you get the best Tender Coconut Dessert in Mangalore, courtesy - Varshitha, So the two of us headed to these rustic bylanes in the city. Just a few steps from Kodialbail, towards the Canara High School, and you reach these alleys dotted with old Konkani houses having titled roofs, antique mud walls and wobbly wooden doors. And next to the Donarkerry Temple, at this little shop operates this man who sells the best ever tender coconut dessert.

When asked him why, he says that is his family business and he loves bringing smiles on people's faces by doing what his ancestors have been doing all along. He is educated and worked at several companies in and around Mangalore. When I said I am from Goa, he excitedly told me he had a stint working at a chemical industry in Goa. He speaks fluent English, unlike other vendors in Mangalore and told me he is very passionate about what he does. And indeed he is! Judging by the number of customers he has and the long line outside his stall, he sure is very popular in the area.

When Varshitha asked me for the tender coconut dessert for the two of us, he asked me, "what taste do you want?" I did not know what to ask and requested him to give me the best he has. He made us drink the tender coconut water and made us join the line of customers who were waiting all along. He said, "Sit, I shall make and get it. These people are waiting since half an hour." So we sat and I engaged myself in my favourite passtime - gazing at the Mangalore skies. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you might be aware of my fascination with the sky and sunsets, specially here in Mangalore. It was about time for sunset and the sky was cloudy, thus forming wonderful patterns.

I was keenly observing the man at work as well. He swiftly shelled the tender coconut and scooped out all the soft pulp, beat it for a while and added some freshly cut banana and vanilla ice cream. He then went on to add some flavoured jelly/syrup and mixed it well before serving it to me in the coconut shell itself. "Taste it and tell me how you like it," he said as he handed it over to me. He told me it was the kesar-badam flavour.

He soon went on to make the next one. "I won't tell you what flavour this is. You just have to guess it," he said. I took the first bite and within no time I guessed it was guava flavour. When we were leaving, he smiled and requested us to come again. Pity I cannot go again since I am leaving the city this weekend, but I request you all to go visit him once. He is extremely good at what he does and very welcoming. And also, the dessert is just Rs. 50/- each. So worth it man!

So, this was it about the best Tender Coconut Dessert in Mangalore. Do visit the place if you want to try it out and tell me which flavour you had and how you liked it by commenting below. Also if there is another unique place/vendor I should visit, do let me know by commenting below and I shall try to squeeze it in my schedule. Also, check my previous and future posts from the Best of Mangalore series. And share this post with your friends if you like it. Happy reading!

This post is as part of my Best of Mangalore series. Check out the previous and next posts to read more about Mangalore.

Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza || Travel and Food Blogger


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