Wednesday, March 30, 2016

7 signs that he is not serious about you : How do you tell when he is not serious about you?

One of the most common things in a relationship is when two people have differing opinions about what kind of a relationship they are in. He has never formally proposed to you, but you two keep going out. He never does anything fancy to sweep you off your feet, but you still tend to fall for him every time he says something cheesy. He is a smooth talker and knows how to handle the relationship. How do you tell whether he is serious about you or whether you are just another one of those women he will date?

#1 He never introduces you as his girlfriend

Does he introduce you as his girlfriend when you two are out together? Or does he just refer to you as a friend? Unlike girls, guys are sure about what they say. If he doesn’t call you his girlfriend, he probably doesn’t think you are. Every time you bring it up with him, he has reasons and excuses and you fall prey to his explanations even though you know they are silly. He never really makes a move and you are clueless about where it is heading!

#2 He avoids talks about the future

Every time you bring up the topic he cuts you short and turns grumpy. He has ways to make you feel guilty as if discussing your future together is the biggest crime in the world. So you drop it and you are left hanging in the air, not knowing what to expect from him.

#3 He keeps texting when you are around

A guy who is totally into you will love spending time with you and cherish every moment spent with you. If he is not paying attention to the things you are saying, it is a clear sign that he does not find you interesting enough. The very moment he starts texting someone else, you can figure out that he thinks there are better people in his life than you.

#4 He refuses to acknowledge you in public

A guy who loves you will be proud to show you off in public. If he does not want to make you a part of his group of friends or doesn’t want you to tell anyone that you two are dating, it is a sign that he is not serious about you. If he is always against holding hands in public or has issues with you uploading a picture of you’ll on Facebook, you need to give it a thought.

#5 He never treats you the way you deserve
He never takes you on dates. The only time you two spend together is either at his place or yours. He doesn’t want to meet you when he has other priorities like a party with his friends. He doesn’t get you gifts and tell you how much he loves you or how special you are to him. He does not do anything that a boyfriend usually does. The only time he remembers you is when he needs sex!

#6 He doesn’t want to meet your friends

A guy who doesn’t feel committed to you will never want to spend time with your friends and get to know about your life. A guy who is in love with you, no matter how annoying your friends are, despite the fact that their conversations doesn’t interest him even a bit will still go out with you just to make you happy.

#7 He doesn’t put in efforts

He never puts in efforts to make the relationship work. Every time you two fight, you are the one to apologise and make amends. You are the one who calls first. Always! If you annoyingly talk about breaking up with him, he has nothing much to say. That just means it wouldn’t make much of a difference to him if you walk away. And probably he wouldn’t even stop you!

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Text: Flexcia D'souza
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