Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shopping in Hampi

Shopping in Hampi is all about buying gypsy stuff. There are numerous shops displaying various products including jewellery made by Lambani nomads, embroidered textiles to shawls, skirts and bags, antique coins that make for some great souvenirs to take back home. Handicrafts, beautiful dreamcatchers, hippie clothes and sandals, suede bags and shoes and funky jewelry are a must buy in Hampi.

Locations for Shopping:

Virupaksha Bazaar, also known as the Hampi Bazaar
Virupapur Gadde, also known as Hippie Island

There are numerous shops lined on both sides of the streets, selling colourful artifacts that tempt you to buy some for yourself and your loved ones back home.

Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza || blogger Goa
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