Monday, March 14, 2016

KC Guesthouse restaurant, Hampi

Never thought that someday brunching at a thatched hut with the besties in some remote village in India which doesn't event have phone connectivity would make me feel the happiest. But yes.. It did! Every place gives you a new experience. And so was the trip to Hampi. Choosing to not stay in Hampi an instead crossing the river Thungabhadra to reach the little Virupapur Gadde village was a wise choice. The muddy streets dotted with huts and little cottages on either sides,  fields and boulders, hippies riding lunas and bicycles and shopping at stalls selling musical instruments, clothes and handicrafts indeed gave me a break from the mundane city life. We were just looking around for a place to chill out at, since there was nothing much to do in the village (also known as Hippie Island). That is when we crossed this little Hut. Elegantly done entrance with handicrafts hanging everywhere, you can leave your shoes out and just relax on the cushioned mattresses lined on the floor.

KC Guesthouse Restaurant was like any other restaurant in Virupapur Gadde (Hippie Island), but this does not have WiFi connectivity unlike other cafes and neither does the phone have network. So you are literally disconnected from the outside world. There are colourful cloth decor hanging on the ceiling and the entire place is very colourful with handicrafts and cushions. The crowd here are all hippies and everyone pretends to know everyone even though everyone is meeting for the first time. In the two hours we spent there on the hot afternoon, we spoke to a couple of foreigners. The best part was, most of them had visited Goa or stayed in Goa for a couple of months before heading to Hampi. And we had quite a few things to talk about. Even though many assumed we were North Indians owning to the hairdo of my friends (the man buns confused them), they were very excited when we told them we were from Goa. It was indeed a wonderful day spent with tattoo clad hippies with piercings and deadlocks. I was in awe of the clothes they wear. While in Goa, I mostly see the hippies wearing bikinis and kaftans, they wore really beautiful things in Hampi.

We did not eat much since we were here to just chill for a while. Coffee and milkshake was ordered. The banana pancake was served soon. It was a nicely done crepe with stuffed bananas. The crispy veg pakodas served with chopped carrots and cabbage were delightful. The veg sandwich with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce was simple and nicely served. This place is totally recommended for the people you meet there, the ambience and obviously the food. It is easily found since its along the main street in Virupapur Gadde, that's the Hippie Island on the other side of the Hampi River. In case you have something to say or have any queries, feel free to comment below. Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Zomato and Snapchat me @flexcia_dsouza

Text and photographs : Flexcia D'souza || food blogger Goa
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