Thursday, March 10, 2016

German Bakery, Hampi

German Bakeries are set up in every part of India where foreign tourists visit. And almost all of them serve the same things - cakes, desserts and pies. Probably they got the idea and recipes from some foreign travellers only,  or may be they are set up by people who were so fascinated by the bakeries in Europe. After a recent visit to Pondicherry and visiting several French Bakeries in the bylanes of White Town, when I first laid my eyes on German Bakery, I knew we should stop by to check it out. We couldn't since we were walking with our backpacks trying to find a suitable guesthouse to spend our night at Hippie island. The sun was almost setting and we wanted to settle down before it got pitch dark since we guessed there weren't any streetlights around. So I walked by with a heavy heart.

But next day when we were leisurely strolling by, we came across German Bakery again. And this time we did enter. It is just a few meters from the entrance of Virupapur Gadde village on the other side of Hampi river. Set up in Gauthami Guesthouse, this little bakery offers a chilled out sitting arrangement at the side. Even though I wanted to try their coffee, the weather was too hot so we just had water and aerated drinks. But we did try their breakfast menu and desserts. They had a variety of them. And everything looked larger than what I am usually used to seeing. The doughnuts we eat at Mad Over Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts looked so tiny compared to this giant donut. The chocolate croissant was like any other, but the slice of the brownie was again too huge. We are usually used to having little bytes in the city. But here everything was so big, and undoubtedly fresh and tasty. German Bakery is totally worth the visit.

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Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza || Food Blogger Goa
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