Monday, March 14, 2016

Breakfast at Rasta, Hampi

It was after a long early morning walk exploring the ruins on Hippie Island I realised I was starving. I had decided to wake up early and explore a bit of Virupapur Gadde village which is on the other side of Hampi river. So after climbing the moderately steep hill and some futile attempts at boudlering on the periphery of the village, I was back in the village by around 10 o'clock.

As I was looking around for some nice place to have breakfast at, I noticed Rasta. It is a colourful little cafe located off the main road in Hippie Island. Made of brightly coloured brick pillars and thatched roof, the cafe provides its own seclusion for a wandering soul.

As the norm in many other cafes and restaurants in Hampi, at Rasta you can again leave your footwear out and get cozy on the cushioned flooring. The walls are decorated with wonderful handicrafts and paintings, while beautiful lanterns hang over the marble planks.

Rasta is covered in a canopy of trees and is rather cool compared to the other restaurants. There is a flight of stairs that lead you to the main entrance. While outdoor sitting is available with plastic tables and chairs set under the trees, the two of us chose to sit inside.

There wasn't any crowd, and the friendly waiter greeted us and welcomed us in. There were just two foreign travellers sitting at two different places inside. After a while I realised no one can be a stranger at Rasta for long. People are friendly and everyone smiles at others.

Soon after placing our orders, we got talking to a French guy who left his job back home to travel and pursue a career in music. He had tattoos and sexy deadlocks like every other backpacker we met in Hampi. 

Rasta is very small and has a chilled out vibe to it. There is a guesthouse and a restaurant which is very popular among globetrotters exploring Hampi. Rasta serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu includes global food.

We ordered the Israeli Breakfast, Muesli and mixed fruit juice. A large bowl of muesli with freshly cut fruits was soon served along with the glass of fresh fruit juice. 

The Israeli breakfast platter included freshly baked pita, two eggs, hummus and salad. The pita was thicker than what I am usually used to having, but overall it was a great meal at Rasta. This place is totally recommended for the food and the ambiance!


Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza || Goa

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