Friday, February 19, 2016

Zuka Choco Late Cafe, Pondicherry

For all those who know how big a chocolate lover I am, my visit to the chocolate cafe will come as no surprise. When I was told about this unique cafe in town, I had to visit it just for the experience. It's not always that I hog for the sake of it, but sometimes it's just about how it makes me feel.

Yes! Chocolate does make me happy. So off I went hunting for Zuka Chocolate Cafe. It came to me as a surprise that it wasn't situated in White Town, considering all the decent cafes were inside White Town. This quaint little cafe is on the outskirts of White Town, on Mission Street.

It is situated right next to Cafe Ole and is easily noticeable if you are in the right street. When you enter, your nostrils are engulfed in the sweet aroma of chocolate. For a moment I was like - is heaven gonna be something like this? There are chocolate like butterflies on the ceiling!

As I went through the several chocolates, milkshakes, pastries and other desserts on display, I was tempted to have all of it. But I was too stuffed from the lunch that I had just had and had to save some space in my tummy for the numerous other cafes we had planned to visit.

So according to the plan, without much thought, we asked for their signature hot chocolate. They served a cup of the 54 degree celsius hot chocolate with miniature cubes filled with chocolate flakes and a chocolate spoon. 

We were told, the hot chocolate is prepared with low carolie milk with no added sugar. Instead of sugar cubes we were requested to drop the miniature choco-flake cubes into the Hot Chocolate and stir it seven times using the chocolate spoon. Sounds stupid, but it was great.

More than the chocolate, the experience was as good as I had expected. I wish I could still try something else. This place should definitely be on the list during a Pondicherry visit.

Zuka Choco-la Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Text: Flexcia D'souza
Photographs: Flexcia D'souza, Varshitha
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