Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Summer vacation at the beach

I believe that fashion is the ultimate form if self expression therefore it really depends on my mood.

-Nicole Richie

You know of that sweet summer feeling? The kind which makes you want to spend your day at the beach reading a romance fiction or at the pool sipping cocktail? Too specific? Let me try the commonly accepted version of summer - blue skies, salty hair, sandy feet - basically a post swim phenomenon added to the mix of the shining sun. That is what I wanted to capture while creating this shoot for Creative Eye magazine.

There is nothing better than the smell of ocean salts, waking up on a relaxing holiday and soaking your feet in the warm sand for the very first time. I doubt those living on the beach will ever be unhappy. The ocean is the solution to all your problems. The cool breeze sooths you, the waves understand you and the warm sand embraces you while the setting sun spreads its beautiful colours to relax your soul! Lucky for me, the plan for this shoot came with a bonus of being able to spend two full uninterrupted hours with the warm sunset waves and a carefree mind.

added a bit of colour to this look. Bright colours makes me happy. Just the way the sea makes me feel. Happy from within! Tribal printed kaftan, junk jewellery made out of sea shells and the tiara to make me feel like a princess. For the next look, the all time favourite captioned cropped tee and shorts – simple and comfy. Perfect for the beach holiday! Enjoy these pictures as you dwell in the ideas of the perfect summer.

A hearty thanks to Floyd and the Creative Eye team for making me a part of their journey and letting me work with them. It was a fun shoot with the amazing photographer Karen Dourado, who doubled as a makeup artist. Thanks for making me look beautiful and capturing these shots wonderfully!

This entire look is put together with stuff brought from the street stalls at the beach.

Styling and modelling by: Flexcia D’souza

Photography by: Karen Dourado

Shoot coordinated and sponsored by: Floyd Vales and the Creative Eye team

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