Friday, February 12, 2016

I missed my train to Chennai and decided to chill at #45 #Eat Cafe

Hola peeps.

Today was such an adventurous day. What did I do? Reached the train station three minutes late. I missed the train. How cool is this? Trains are usually late. Isn't it? But, this one wasn't. It left bang on time and even though I tried to run through the footbridge and board the moving train on platform 2, I realized it had already caught speed! WOAH! 

This little adventure happened at Mangalore Central station. I missed my train to Chennai and eventually missed a little extra time that I'd get to spend in Pondicherry. Yes! I am leaving for Pondicherry. To be honest, I would have already left, had I not missed the train. But now that it's gone I am sitting at #45 sipping on my sneakers smoothie.

45 #Eat Cafe had caught my attention several times when I crossed Attavar road. But I never really got around to visiting it. The name seemed pretty amusing. And me being the #hashtag lover I had to visit this place. If you follow me on Instagram Facebook or Twitter, you know how much I love using #hashtags.

Even though the train left, Varshitha and I were sitting at the platform wondering what to do. It was hard to register what just happened. I am always in time for trains. And since this was a much anticipated trip, I was indeed an hour early. But I had misread the train timing on the SMS that was sent, and as a result reached when the train was almost leaving. Had we reached five minutes late, we'd be at the station for an hour wondering when the train would come.

When we couldn't think of any solution we went to the ticket booth and got us two tickets for the next train to Chennai. And Varshitha suggested we head to #45 #Eat Cafe to grab an Oreo Smoothie and chill for a while. Even though we did not get an Oreo Smoothie, we opted for a Chocolate Fantasy (Snickers, Chocolate Sauce and Nuts) and Blue River Ice crush. The Snickers smoothie was enough to brighten up my sunken spirit and get me ready for the much awaited journey.

#45 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Text & Photography: Flexcia D'souza || blogger || Goa
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