Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Heartbroken: How I felt when my celebrity crush decided to get married

Hey peeps.

Hope you all are having a fab time. There are a lot of pending posts to be put up. But I've been tied up with a few things and a little lazy to work. Today I share with you'll something that made me very emotional. I could even find a few tears touch my cheeks. Unexpected, but true. Hope you guys won't judge me and will understand what it's like to be a fangirl.

Well I knew this day would come, and I knew it'd hurt. But I didn't realise I'd feel this heartbroken. I can't be friends with anyone for long. I can't be in a relationship for long. I can't be crushing on the same man for long. But he is different. Ever since I read his first book way back in 2008 just by chance, I saw the authors photo on the front inside cover and found him cute. And when I read the book, I liked it.

I wasn't into reading romance fiction or Indian novels. This was the second Indian authors I was reading. 'Of Course I Love You' struck a cord with me. So when I found another book by the same author a few years later I picked it up from Broadway. That's when I realized it was the third book from the trilogy, so I picked up the second one. And well I loved them. And from then I preordered every book and even managed to get signed copies of a few latest ones.

I was smitten by this man. I was crushing on him and the characters in his books. And over the years the obsession just grew. I loved his books. I loved the way he developed his characters. I loved the way he wrote. I love the dimpled smile. I loved the way he made me feel. I was 19 when I travelled to Pune to first meet him. It was a dream come true. I smiled the broadest that day. I blushed in a way I never did before when he said I'm cute. It was a dream. But eventually I realised it was true. I was smitten by him.

I continued reading his books, let the obsession grow. He made me happy. Reading what he wrote, commenting on his Facebook posts, stalking him on Instagram, checking his snapchat..everything made me so happy. I loved the feeling. And now he is gonna marry the love of his life. Yes, he is marrying the character from his first book series. The Deb-Avantika series is now gonna have a happy ending. But not just in the book, but in real life as well.

This man is the most romantic man I've ever come across. He knew exactly what is to be said and done to reach a woman's heart. And he definitely stole my heart. He has been the perfect boyfriend to Avantika ever since I know him. The photographs they uploaded are relationship goals. He has set a benchmark. Seems so superficial. He is so superficial. I never believed that love and romance existed. He made me believe that its true. He was the one who taught me what being in love is like. It's by reading his books that I realised how beautiful it is to be in love. And I love him for that. I love him for making me the hopeless romantic that I am today.

Eight years is a long time. But I've been a loyal fan for eight long years. And probably always will be his fangirl. Today when he declared he is getting married, I was happy for him. I was happy that he would finally marry his love. But it also made me sad. Coz I always pictured him as the hot young man with a dimpled smile who is a perfect man on the planet. I forgot that he is a human and needs to settle down before he grows old as well. Probably I just assumed he is Edward Cullen and would remain exactly the same all his life. But the way he proposed marriage to her made me smile. The perfect thing to do that will sweep the woman off her feet.

Everything he does is goals. May be it might be expecting too much, but I hope I meet the man of my life who is exactly like him. Who knows how to treat a woman right. Who knows how to make her blush and make her happy. And who'd be the 'Worlds Best Boyfriend' and 'Hold My Hand' 'Till The Last Breath'. This week is going to be so emotional for me. Seeing my fav man getting hitched. The man who has been such an important part of my teenage. The man who has authored twelve books that I have read and re-read. My favourite Durjoy Datta!

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