Saturday, February 20, 2016

A quiet evening spent at Le Cafe, Pondicherry

We are so used to chilling at beach shacks in Goa. But Pondicherry doesn't have any beach shacks. What a pity! Even though there are breathtakingly beautiful rocky beaches of the Bay of Bengal, all you can do it sit on the rocks or the cemented pavement. But Pondicherry has Le Cafe.

Le Cafe is what comes closest to a beach shack. It's not a shack though. It's a regular concrete structure with large balconies and magnificent outdoor seating arrangement. And guess what? It's open 24x7. How cool is that. Since the nightlife in Pondicherry isn't really remarkable, spending a quiet evening at Le Cafe is a good choice.

Le Cafe is seafront spot is good for baguettes, croissants, salads, cakes and organic South Indian coffee (hot or iced), plus welcome fresh breezes from the Bay of Bengal. It's popular, so you often have to wait for, or share, a table. But hey, it's all about the location.

We decided to go there during midnight, after our dinner at Le Chateau. Many people suggested going to Le Cafe for breakfast, since you can watch the sunrise from there. But I rather preferred the night since we had no place to go in the night. In the mornings I didn't want to miss the sumptuous French breakfast at the bakeries.

So here we were Le Cafe, sitting in the balcony facing the sea. Le Cafe is situated at a very convenient location on Rocky Beach. Also it's very popular, so easy to find. There's ample parking space and the street is busy even during the night. So it's very safe to roam there.

We ordered a cup of Cappuccino and Cafe Late. And got a chocolate brownie with ice cream and nuts. The coffee was strong and aromatic. Rich in flavour and creamy textured, it can do wonders to your mood.

The chocolate brownie was a packaged bundle of happiness. With its rich chocolatey flavour, it melted in your mouth with every bite. The brownie, combined with vanilla ice cream scoop and loads of nuts were enough to give you an oral orgasm. Soul food indeed.

The awesome high offered by the coffee and dessert along with the location and the ambiance was enough to give us a feeling of immense happiness. A place totally recommended for chilling with friends during the night.

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Text and photograph courtesy: Flexcia D'souza || blogger Goa

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