Monday, January 18, 2016

Spindrift Brew Pub

Beer lovers, there is a new microbrewery in town. First of its kind in Mangalore, Spindrift Brew Pub had its soft launch earlier this month and will be open for the public from 19th Jan. If you are looking for a pub with good food, drinks, music and a suave ambience, this is a place to spend your weekends at. 

When I entered it made me feel like I’ve entered a smaller and less crowded version of WTF. The ambience is great. It has an awesome old school charm, with wooden tables and dim yellow light. Spindrift Brew Pub is on the fifth floor at Bharat Mall and has large glass windows overlooking the areas around. The industrial feel is a bit of a hit or a miss. The bar has a rustic feel to it with brick walls and wooden counter. Spindrift Brew Pub is perfect to unwind with friends and sip on a glass of beer or cocktail.

Since we went there a weekend before it was actually launched, it wasn’t crowded. We picked a corner table and were handed over the trial menu. The bar and food menu looked pretty impressive and the food was moderately priced. They serves a plethora of drinks – beers, mocktails and cocktails to choose from. The food menu at Spindrift Brew Pub included a bit of everything. I am adding photos of the menu at the end of the post, so check for yourself.

The highlight of the evening was the beer tasting session. A bunch of freshly brewed beers were placed on our table. The three were called – Munich Hallis, Belgian White and American Golden Ale. I am not a beer drinker, so have no clue what to say about them. But my friend had some good things to say about them. She even ended up getting herself a glass, while I settled for a Long Island Iced Tea.

For starters, the Goan Chorizo Croquettes seemed interesting. I expected the pork sausages from Goa, better known as choricos to be served. I love the pork sausages when I am in Goa, and I was happy to be getting them here. Would just make me miss home and Goa a tad bit less. What I got after a few minutes was ordered was a platter of something that looked like our beef croquettes from back home, only difference being, these were made of pork. No original choricos. Poor me L They were cooked just right – the meat mince tender and juicy – served with tartar sauce and salad.

The evening rolled by pretty easy as we sipped on our drinks, listened to soft music, chitchatted a bit and just relaxed completely forgetting the hectic next day. Weekends are meant for that right? The main course soon arrived. I wasn’t sure about what to order. Everything seemed interesting, so I just ended up asking for the first item on the menu.

Jalapeno Mango Chicken with rice constituted a platter of Oriental Chicken preparation, gravy and rice. I expected it to be spicy going by the name, but it wasn’t. I do not know what went into it, but it tasted great! 

Overall, a pretty chilled out evening at Spindrift Brew Pub. Hoping to try the revised menu soon. This was just the beginning of the many nights to be spent at Spindrift Brew Pub.
In case you have tried this place do let me know your experience in the comments below.

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Text & photographs: Flexcia D'souza || food blogger Goa
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