Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Impossible Love by Durjoy Datta

Reaching home on a Saturday afternoon to find Our Impossible Love by Durjoy Datta in the mail by Amazon definitely made me happy. If you do not know me yet, I love this guy and have read all his books ever since he started writing in 2008. Our Impossible Love is his 12th book and I was as excited about it as any other book. I had preordered it the moment he had announced the preorders on his social handles. I stalk him on Facebook and Instagram that way ;)

Even though I had planned on an afternoon siesta, I dropped the idea and picked up the book instead. And it was a signed copy. In case you order a copy on Amazon you get an autograph. Like all his other books, this one again revolves around youth and love. Even though I miss the Deb and Avantika stories and their messed up relationships, I don't mind the evolution of his characters in his last couple of books. Now the characters themselves are messed up. You know if you've read the last few books!

Our Impossible Love is a story of Danish and Aisha, two youngsters who are battling their own problems. While Aisha is busy exploring her sexuality and fighting her raging hormones, Danish suffers from an inferiority complex being an elder brother to the overachiever Aniket. Durjoy has taken quite a few chapters to develop the characters by narrating through first person the instances in both their individual lives until they eventually meet.

The book is a light read and kept me engrossed for the next six and a half hours. Its interesting like all his other books. Durjoy has the skill of simplifying complex things, adding personal opinions, making it seem interesting and he succeeds in making people stay glued to the book until the end. He explores some pretty serious topics in a light way and at the end comes up with solutions to the problems the characters suffer. Now that I am done reading Our Impossible Love, I am already excited for Durjoys new book.

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