Sunday, December 13, 2015

Giant Candies || Fiama Di Wills gel bar Review

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Hope you all are doing good. This is apparently supposed to be winter, but it still feels like summer here. And I still have to shower more than once a day. In this post I shall tell you about my recent bathing soap favourite and why I love it so much.

When I picked up a gel bar of Fiama Di Wills Pure Rio Splash a couple of months back, I had no idea I would love it so much. It was a random pick since I usually like fragrant and gel based bathing soap bars. So on my next drugstore haul, I got all the five variants of the Fiama Di Wills gel bars and have been using them ever since. One bathing bar lasts for two to three weeks depending on you usage of course. But you need very little of the product to be used with a loofah.

Fiama Di Wills Gel Bar claims to be hand-crafted using ITC’s innovative Liquid Crystal Freezing technology, which freezes gel into bathing bar. The gel bar contains skin conditioners for ultra rich moisturisation.

The Fiama Di Wills gel bar comes in five variants- La Fantasia, Mild Dew, Exotic Dream, Pure Rio Splash and Clear Springs. They look like giant candies and look so edible that I have to control an urge to chew on them. All of them come in bright colours, are fragrant and pear shaped. The dent at the bottom makes it easier to hold the glycerine based soap while applying.

The Fiama Di Wills gel bar feels smooth on the skin, glides smoothly and lathers quickly just like shower gel. The moment you start gently scrubbing your body, the lather engulfs you and it feels so good. The fragrance is strong, yet soothing and disappears when you wash your body. Wish it lingered for longer though. I love inhaling the fragrance as I shower after a tiring day.

The colourful Fiama Di Wills gel bar is packaged in an outer cartoon and a silver packet. It cleanses the skin effectively and removes all oil from your skin. One reason I love this bathing bar. Second reason why I love it is because it does not leave any slippery feel on the top. And obviously it looks and smells so good.

The Fiama Di Wills gel bar dries out skin and you need to apply a good moisturising lotion after a shower. If you have a very dry skin, it is not recommended for you. But it works well for me and I am happy with it.

You can find it at any drugstore or supermarket. You can also shop them online at a discounted price at Nykaa and Flipkart. In case you use Fiama Di Wills gel bar, let me know how you like it by either commenting below or connecting with me via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Also if you want me to review any other product, do let me know.

Priice: Rs. 60/- for 125 g.

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