Tuesday, December 29, 2015

5 simplest eat-healthy resolutions you should consider taking in 2016

Hey there! Season’s greetings to you and your family.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and are as excited for the New Year as I am. New Years are always exciting. Making News Year’s resolutions, setting goals for the upcoming year and hoping that the New Year is even better than the previous one is the norm. Isn’t it? Accept it or not, we all make New Year resolutions and try to stick by them. Almost every year the enthusiasm dies midway and the resolutions we make are left forgotten. But never mind, we still make them every year. Isn’t it? For those who aren’t gym people, yet are aiming for weight loss and healthy living, let’s rock 2016 with these easy food resolutions for a healthy lifestyle.

#1 No-no to too many sweets!

OMG! I can’t imagine a day without chocolates and desserts. But well, you need not totally cut down on sweets. Trying to reduce eating sweets or substituting the sweet treats with low-sugar items can help. Looks like it’s time to switch to dark chocolate and black coffee. This is kinda difficult, but are you game?

#2 Drinking green Tea

Two cups of green tea a day can help a great deal. It has multiple benefits and drinking green tea daily is the easiest resolution to keep. You can try the flavoured green tea (preferably lemon) initially, and later switch to plain one. Also adding a teaspoon of honey until you get used to the bitter taste will help.

#3 Eating loads of fruits and veggies!

Well I hate veggies as much as you do. But if cooked well, they taste fine. Roasting vegetables leads to caramelizing the sugars present in them, and this enhances their taste, making them extremely healthy, and delicious. A bowl of fruits salad or a quick bite of a fruit to satiate the hunger pangs will help you avoid unhealthy food cravings. Bye bye fries and burgers! Also a bowl of sprouts and salads - with seasoning if you can’t eat them just like that - would be great!

#4 More seafood and less meat

You can’t survive of vegetables. But eating seafood rich in omega-3s instead of meat rich in saturated fat is a better option. (Damn! This resolution is so difficult)

#5 Munching nuts instead of chips and cookies

Do you eat choco-cookies and empty bags of chips as you watch and read stuff all day long? A conscious decision to eat less chips and cookies and eating nuts instead can be an ideal option for healthy eating. It keeps you healthy and enhances your mood. I guess I am sticking by this!

Guys and girls, aren’t these the simplest eat-healthy resolutions? We all know we aren’t eating right. We can see immediate results in the form of extra inches on the waist and acne prone skin. So why not decide to change our eating habits just a bit? We don’t have to stop eating everything altogether. Just cut down a bit whenever you can. And it will definitely create a big difference in your life. So come along, take up this challenge and let’s have a healthy and happier New Year. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know if you are gonna do this and whether this helps!

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Text: Flexcia D'souza
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