Thursday, November 5, 2015

Breakfast at Ideal Cafe, Mangalore

I am not a very big friend of South Indian breakfast. But since a friend insisted, I head to Ideal Cafe with a bunch of people who want to have dosa. My friends from Goa love South Indian food. And they assume I am having a blast since I live in South India and can have South Indian food all day. But it isn’t the case.

I am a foodie by heart, and even though my tummy and my tiny body can’t handle a lot of food, I love stuffing myself with food I love. And what food do I love. Everything else except South Indian. Why so?
I don’t know! But today, as I was going through the menu, I realised how many types of dosas Ideal Cafe serves. Right from the super crunchy masala dosa to the super super thin and spotless white neer dosa, they have it all.

Trying to avoid having a full dosa meal, I decide on a poori bhaji. Tracy follows suit and goes for a poori chana bhaji. Trevor and Yogesh, firm on having a dosa experience decide to try the Masala Dosa, just to understand how it varies from the Masala Dosa we get in Goa. Manoj orders a plate of Neer Dosa and Paneer Ghee Roast. Slurrrp! Oh that was for the Ghee Roast, not dosa.

So we have a very filling late breakfast. But there is always place for dessert. So yes, we got Ice-cream Perfait too. Known for the best quality icecreams in the country, Ideals have expanded themselves through the various cafes and icecream parlours in the state.

This particular cafe that we visited is on K.S. Rao Road, Hampankatta, situated at the end of the lane opposite City Center Mall. It is air conditioned and has a bench and table sitting arrangement. Even though the interiors are modern, the cafe has a rustic feel to it. You need to place an order at the counter and get a bill, and hand it over to the waiter who comes to deliver your order. The funniest part is, the waiter does not take any order. You need to get out of your seat, walk to the counter and place an order for yourself. Was a new experience for all!

Masala Dosa

Neer dosa and Paneer Ghee Roast

Poori chana bhaji

Poori Bhaji

Ice-cream Perfait

Ice-cream Perfait

Say 'Hey' to Tracy, Trevor, Manoj and Yogesh
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Text and Photographs: Flexcia D'souza
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