Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pizza at Trattoria, Mangalore

Even though we frequently visit Dominoes and Pizza Hut for their pizzas, there was a place in town I recently discovered. Hidden in the by lanes of Balmatta, lies this dingy little place set up in a house- Trattoria. And they are known for their authentic thin crust pizzas from the wood fired over. So we decided to head to this place tonight. By ‘we’ I mean, Apramita and I. I haven’t mentioned her on the blog anytime. But she has been accompanying me on my foodtrail since over a year now.

So this post is going to be about our Saturday night gluttony at Trattoria, Mangalore and me ranting about how much I loved it. I was practising a diet to pull down a few inches, but this amazing dinner is going to add a few extra inches to my waist. Why? Because I ate an entire pizza by myself! Yeah, you heard me right. I ate a pizza meant for two all by myself. Besides the other things. Even though I tried to resist, I fall in love with every pizza! Food is love. If you’re a foodie, you will totally relate to what I say. Isn’t it?

As you enter through the exotic wooden door of Trattoria, you reach a dimly lit place with a few wooden tables and chairs placed in a shack. If you enter inside you reach another even smaller room, but with some decor on the walls. I chose to sit outside next to the door since the other three tables were already occupied. And from where I sat I got the view of the chef preparing the pizza in the large earthen oven right opposite me. Yayyh!? The place was so dimly lit; I had difficulty in reading the menu. And neither did I get any good images. But the place isn’t crowded and the music playing in the background was great. So cool!

The menu had some exotic pizza and pasta preparations and a few Chinese specialities strewn inbetween. Two of my favourite cuisines in one place. The drinks and starters menu has very few options. And most of them weren’t available. I wish I could get to taste the dimsums. We went in for a Chinese starter and ended our dinner with a pizza. We got Shantung potatoes first. We received a rather large platter of crispy potato wedges and spring onions tossed in spicy tangy sauce.  And they were delicious mind it. The lemon tea was nicely blended and had a great flavour, helping us unwind and refresh as our dinner is served.

I was kinda carried away by the long list of pizzas. Yes, the list is looooooong! So this kinda makes up for the less options in starters. The names of the pizzas sound exotic and they all seem equally appetizing. After a little thinking we settled in for a Regina and Spicy Pizza each. And when they arrived, we realised what a big mistake it was to order two. They were large. And for the price we paid for a thin crust pizza, this size was totally uncalled for. They seemed authentic with no Indian spices used for seasoning.

Regina pizza is the thin crusted non veg pizza from the wood fired over. It is topped with tomatoes and loads of cheese and the right amount of mushrooms and slices of ham. The spicy pizza wasn’t really spicy. Thin crusted and loaded with jalepanos, tamato, paneer, mushroom, onion and garlic, with the right amount of cheese, this made up for a delectable meal. The pizzas looked great, and tasted even better. Okay, the poor quality photographs doesn’t make up to the awesome food that is served, but well, never mind. Overall, a great Saturday evening that made my tummy happy. I would definitely go there for more, and would recommend this place if you are in for some authentic Italian stuff (and Chinese too)!

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Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza
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