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Dinner at Sizzler Ranch, Mangalore

Having great sizzlers on your dinner table is always exciting. And when you head to a place in town that specializes in sizzlers and are known to serve the best sizzlers, the excitement just doubles up. To add to it, having great company- your best friends- who tag along makes it even more fun.

Even though this is my third visit to Sizzler Ranch, Mangalore (the first being with a bunch of college buddies and the next one with my roomie) I never get fed up of this place. I am not one of those people who visit the same place time and again. I usually prefer trying out new places. But this place can be listed as a personal favourite.

Even though the drinks are a big disappointment, the food lives up to the mark. I usually can have only a limited amount of food which has sauce spread over it. But at Sizzler Ranch, the preparations are just perfect and leave me satiated and craving for more.

Being very frank, I would rate it among the top restaurant to visit for sizzler lovers in Mangalore. Even though I have tried Kobe Sizzlers in Mangalore, I would prefer Sizzler Ranch over it any day. Also considering it was among the first few restaurants I visited when I shifted to this city a year and a half back, it has been my favourite.

Sizzler Ranch is a quaint, old wild west styled restaurant that has an amazing array of sizzlers. Situated at Lalbagh, it is a perfect place for a brunch or dinner rendezvous. There is indoor sitting that is air-conditioned and it also offer outdoor sitting in a little shack outside.

On this evening spend at Sizzler Ranch, it was rather crowded. This was the first time I went there in the evening and was rather surprised by the crowd. We managed to get a table and settled in rather quickly. Having roamed around for quite a bit, we were very hungry and buried our heads in the menu the moment it was placed on the table.

The anticipation ended rather quickly when we were served the first sizzler- ‘Spicy Chicken Italiano’. I heard the sizzling sound as the waiter entered and was only hoping it wasn’t the order placed by people on the adjacent table. But he walked with it towards our table and it just made us happy. Rather quick eh!

Served very hot- rather sizzling- on the sizzler plate, the sizzlers are an absolute treat. Even though the name says ‘spicy’, it is a perfect blend of Italian pasta sauce topped with cheese that tickles your taste-buds as you munch on the veggies, French fries and grilled chicken bits on a bed of spaghetti. A kind of Indo-Italian delicacy I loved.

The ‘BBQ Chicken’ came on a bed of vegetables topped with a dollop of mashed potato. The chicken was nicely cooked with ample BBQ sauce to give the right flavour. I am still drooling as I write this. The ‘Veg Shashlik’ came as an assortment of crunchy veggies on a bed of rice placed on a sizzler plate lined with cabbage and topped with sauce and mashed potato.

We also ordered two variants of iced teas which weren’t really great. Sizzler Ranch sure need to revamp their drinks menu. There are very less options, and the ones that are there aren’t really fascinating. In case you guys visit Mangalore, make sure you visit this restaurant and tell me about your experience there. 

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Spicy Chicken Italiano

Veg Shashlik

BBQ Chicken

Iced Tea

Spicy Chicken Italiano

BBQ Chicken

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Text & Photographs: Flexcia D'souza || food blogger Goa
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