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Burger Festival at Hard Rock Cafe, Pune || World Burger Tour 2014 at Hard Rock Cafe

I had heard so much about Hard Rock Café, but was left utterly stunned when I finally visited Hard Rock Café, Pune with my friends from Goa- Gautam and Sneha. It is located off North Main Road, Koregaon Park. At the entrance, you see the Hard Rock’s signature Rock Shop selling their branded merchandise. 

As you enter the main restaurant, you see a huge hall. Memorabilia from Hard Rock’s world-famous collection- including items representing both contemporary stars and rock legends- adorn the walls of the cafe. Key memorabilia items on display include a black leather jacket once worn by Bob Dylan, a Welson Hollowbody electric guitar signed by Bono and The Edge of U2, and Elton John’s denim patch coat.

The central area has bar-stools for sitting. The regular tables are arranged around the periphery. The ambience is typical Hard Rock Café- the star attraction being the loud rock music playing in the background.  The décor is quite contemporary and simple.

Sex on the Beach

We first headed to the bar area. The bar menu is nice- it has a long list of cocktails and other drinks. They also serve a number of smoothies, mocktails and non alcoholic drinks. It was much fun sipping on our cocktails sitting on the tall stools with blaring rock music playing in the background. Yes! The place is kinda noisy. But if you enjoy Rock Music, this is a place to be. After a while, the place began getting crowded, so we headed to the restaurant area to grab some food. They have an extensive menu where they serve authentic American food including the grills and burgers. 

The appetizers are one of the star attractions. They also have the localised ‘Amcha Pune’ menu, wherein they serve American cuisine with an Indian twist. We started with ‘Tupelo Chicken Tenders’. The soft and succulent strips of chicken crusted and fried were served with honey, mustard and Hickory Barbeque sauce. The strips tasted even better when eaten standalone. 

Tupelo Chicken Tenders

The ‘Fish & Chips’ was the next to arrive. A plate of seasoned and gold-crusted fillet of Vietnamese Basa served with seasoned fries and Hard Rock style Tartar sauce. They were moist and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. 

Fish & Chips

We were lucky enough to go on a weekend when the ‘Legendary Burger Festival’ was going on. We had a wide variety of options to choose from. We ordered three from the special menu that included nine exotic burgers from round the world.

We got the Chicken variant of the ‘Sri Lankan Burger’. An assorted chicken patty infused with Sri Lankan spices served with mozzarella and curry flavored aioli. The ‘Thai Chicken Burger’ consisted of a thick patty infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime and Thai curry paste, served with peanut sauce and Cheddar. All the burgers were identifiable with the paper flags on them and were packed with seasoned Fries. The food left us utterly stuffed and we couldn’t finish all of it.

Sri Lankan Burger

Thai Chicken Burger

As we were eating, it was time for the Hard Rock’s Anthem. Everything went still for a second and within a fraction of a second all the staff headed to the bar counter, and danced their hearts out on top of it. And the moment it ended, they were all back to normal walking around with their trays in hand. What I loved about the place besides the great food is the ambience. Hard Rock Café offers their guests great American cuisine in a music-infused atmosphere. As the night progressed, the center of the café was converted into a little disc and people let themselves loose to the enthralling music being played. I thoroughly enjoyed my Hard Rock Café experience! 

Hard Rock cafe anthem

Text: Flexcia D'souza
Photographs: Gautam Karkal & Flexcia D'souza

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