Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stop caring too much about what others think of you

I guess I have reached a stage in life where I have stopped caring about what others may think of me. It took me too long, but better late then never. Getting judged for everything I did had become a norm and I realised I got affected by it real hard. And I also knew, it had to stop. I told myself I shouldn't give a fuck about what they think about me and live my own life.

One of the biggest parts of doing something what you really want is to stop caring so much about what other people have to say. A lot of things you do, or do not do, may be because you need approval from other people.

Perhaps it just starts when you are little by asking your mom whether you can go to play with your friends, and continues throughout your life. You are always seeking approval from friends, family, colleagues, and whoever you care about. You care about them, doesn't really mean you should care about their approval in every thing you do.

We always love praise and support. We love it when someone tells us we look pretty or we did well. So what we end up doing is, act according to what we are expected to behave by other people. We do things that others will like. We engage in activities that others choose for us. We do things that others do so that we can fit in a group. Why? In the fear of being judged.

We are scared we might be left alone. We are worried our friends might walk out on us. We worry too much about things that aren't really important. We are scared our loved ones will stop loving us if we do a certain thing our way. Dude, if they love you, they will understand that it's the best for you. And instead of judging you, they'll stand by you. They won't walk out on you. In case they do, you just need to understand that they weren't meant to be. Life's too short to worry about what others think might think of you. Do what makes you happy.

How? Know what you want deep within. Instead of manipulating your thoughts and liking because your friends like it or because they do it, just try to listen to your inner self. What do you actually want? Once you get your answer, do just that. Something inside will tell you that it might annoy someone you like or someone will think you're weird or creepy or stupid or whatever the hell they wish to think. Just ignore the feeling. Tell yourself that no one cares this much. They are all worried about what others think about them.

Text by Flexcia D'souza
Model Flexcia D'souza
Hair and Makeup Minette Pereira
Photography by Raju Salkar
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