Thursday, November 5, 2015

Satiating Trevors Pizza Hut Obsession

I am so happy that my Goa buddies came to visit me in Mangalore. If you guys have been following my blog regularly, I am sure you know Trevor and Tracy. Trevor is the photographer who clicks all those lovely shots of my styling shoots for the blog, and Tracy- the woman who makes me look pretty- the makeup artist for The Glam Doll blog. There were Manoj and Yogesh as well. So we all were wandering in the city and experimenting places since yesterday. Manoj wanted me to do a blog post on us wanderlusting and give him a special mention. Please say ‘hey’ to Manoj in the comments box below.

Pizza Hut has been one my favourite hangout place in town. Even though I occasionally prefer going to Pizza Hut with college friends in the evening, today was different. Today’s hoggin’ session to Pizza Hut at City Center Mall was totally vegetarian.

It all started with Trevor’s excitement to try Pizza Hut in Mangalore. A die hard Pizza Hut fan that he is, he visits every Pizza Hut outlet in the country, at every place he visits. Not to forget being a regular at the Pizza Hut in Goa.

So we all head to Pizza Hut for a hearty meal. Even though we had a very heavy breakfast, we being the typical foodies, there is always place for more. So off we go and settle comfortably on the couches in the lounge.

After much battling over the menu, we let Trevor decide the menu. Even though I am a non-vegan, I don’t mind a veg pizza. Trevor being a vegetarian, orders the giant meal box. We get a portion of potato wedges and one portion of garlic bread with cheesy jalapeno dip. Yayyh!

The service at this outlet is pretty quick. And very soon our pizzas arrived. The moment the ‘Country Feast’ is laid on the table, we attacked it. Made out of sweet corn, mushroom, tomato, onion and capsicum, this pizza was an absolute delight.

The ‘Veggie Crunch’ and the ‘Spicy Veggie’ soon arrived, and it meets a similar fate as the last one. Made out of onion and capsicum, the ‘Veggie Crunch’ is simple and tasty. The ‘Spicy Veggie’ as the name suggests was the spiciest of the lot smeared with tomato, onion and green chillies. We guys ate our hearts out, happily rang the bell and soon headed to Ideal’s for dessert.

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Potato Wedges. Yayyyh my favourite!!!
But I love Garlic Bread too! :( 
Crunchy Veggie Pizza
Spivy Veggie pizza
Country Feast...I loved it!!!
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Pizza Hut Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

 Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza
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