Friday, November 13, 2015

Dove Beauty Cream Review

Dove Beauty Cream is for a complete daily skin care. It is a creamy body butter that comes in a very lavish tub packing and has a shelf life of 36 months. The white and pink jar is rather cute, sturdy and travel friendly. Dove Beauty Cream is light in consistency, spreads evenly and absorbs quickly. It feels light on the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue even though it hydrates the skin just as it is needed to do.

Dove Beauty Cream comes in a big jar and looks totally edible. The tub gets a bit messy after using it for a while since the consistency is very light and creamy. Dove Beauty Creams moisturises the skin and is perfect for even the winters. It protects your skin from the harsh weather without harming your skin a tad bit.

Dove Beauty Cream has a very delicate creamy floral fragrance which is pleasant, yet not overpowering. Dove beauty Cream with its light and nourishing moisture formula keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth for several hours after application. BUT it is not available in India. I got this from a cousin who is settled in Dubai. Dove Beauty Cream was one of the products she got for me when she came to Goa last. Yayyh! So next time you are on an international travel, don’t forget to pick this one up. It is totally worth buying. Or you can get it on Ebay 

Price:  Rs. 450/- for 150 grm.

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