Sunday, October 4, 2015

The burger story I || Mangala Bar and Restaurant, Mangalore

I am not a burger fan. But on days that I skip breakfast, I start having a craving for burgers at around noon. Perhaps because they are filling and relieves my hunger pangs like nothing else that I eat!

So yesterday being a Saturday, I woke up late. Weekends are supposed to let you sleep until late. Isn’t it? And as predicted, I skipped breakfast. And thus began a hunt for a burger! Decided to head to McDonald’s, but soon thought against it!

After a little thinking, I zeroed on to Mangala Restaurant & Bar. I never went here before. But quite a few friends had suggested trying their food, and specially the burgers. And on a day like this, it seemed the perfect place to go.

Situated near Valencia at Kankanady Mangalore, this place has a large menu that offers everything from burgers to neer dosa. Even though the non veg menu that includes items made of seafood, chicken, mutton, pork and beef, the vegetarian menu is pretty impressive too.

It is set up in an old building. The brick walls and the frames that adorn the wall as you climb the flight of stairs transports you into an altogether different world. To add to it, the old melodies playing and the decor is sure to give you the retro vibe.

The beige cushioned sofas make you cozy as you sip on some cocktails and wait for your order. The order takes forever to come. So you get plenty time to catch up with friends who are along!

BTW, the deals cocktails are pretty good. There was buy-2-get-1-free going on! They have a great bar menu and a variety of cocktails to choose from.

So after around half an hour of ordered, my plate of fries arrived. A medium sized plate full of finger chips sprinkled with salt and chilley powder arrive with a bottle of hot and sweet sauce. I usually love fries, but did not enjot them much. If a plate of fries took this long to arrive, I was wondering how long my burgers will take to come to me.

After another half an hour’s wait, the burgers arrive. The voluptuous burgers (they prefer to call it Freddie) served with a reasonable amount of crispy potato wafers were absolutely delightful. Even though I was very hungry and wanted to dive right into them, I stopped to click some photographs for you guys!

Pork Freddie

Pork Phat Freddie

These is the Pork Freddie and the Pork Phat Freddie. The pork phat burger has an extra dash of bacon in it, but looks the same on the outside.

The prices are great for the sizes they offer. Even though I was starving, I was pretty full by the end of it. And not to forget, they’re lip-smacking! Must try!! I shall definitely go back for more. I am told the beef burgers are pretty good too!

What’s your favourite at Mangala? What would you recommend I have the next time I visit? Comment below and let me know!

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Text and photographs: Flexcia D'souza || food blogger Goa
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