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6 best lip balms you should use this winter: Reviews and Prices

Since winter is round the corner, I decided to do a blog post on the best lip balms to use this season. Since I am still in college, I generally don’t use lip sticks daily, so I stick to lip balms instead to make my lips look and feel softer.

Below I shall review the lip balms I have used and liked. I will tell you why they are my favourite and also list out the other products from the range and the prices. All these come in small travel friendly packaging. So can be carried around and applied at any time of the day.

#1 Maybelline Baby Lips

The top one on my favourite lip balms list is the Maybeline Baby Lips. The first one I got my hands on during my first year of college was Coral Flush and I absolutely loved it. Since then I have never stopped using Baby Lips. I have also used the Pink Lolita and Cherry Kiss from that range.
The Maybelline Baby Lips comes in variety of different colours in stick packaging. The lip balm moisturises your lips and keeps it supple for eight hours. They aren’t waxy or thick and contains SPF 20 to protect your lips from sun. I love the product because the tints are attractive and don’t have a sharp smell and taste.
Other variants in the range are rose addict, berry crush, neon rose, tangerine pop and pink peony. I am yet to try them, after the two I am using right now gets over. The 4.5 gm pack is priced at Rs. 150/- and is totally value for money.

#2 Nivea lip balms

I got three of the Nivea lip balms last year and will review all three. I got three since they were up on sale and I got them cheaper than the actual price. The Nivea Repair & Protection balm heals and nourishes chapped lips, and does not feel sticky at all. It has a mild fragrance and contains SPF 15. It is priced at Rs. 145/-.
The Nivea Vitamin Shake Lip Balm has natural fruit and vitamin extracts that give you smooth and healthy looking lips. It comes with a cranberry and raspberry flavor and a reddish tint. It provides intensive moisture due to the presence of the vitamins C, E and pro vitamin B5. It is priced at Rs. 139/- for a 4.8 gm stick.
Nivea Lip Care Strawberry Shine has a strong fruity fragrance and tint to it. It stays for 3-4 hours without eating and moisturizes your lips. Not recommended for healing chapped lips, but will keep normal lips soft. I even used it as a gloss on matte lipstick and it gives a good effect. It comes in a 4.8 gm stick priced at Rs. 165/-

#3 Avon Naturals Lip Balm Cherry

I got this one during third year of college from a friend who was also an Avon sales representative. I didn’t really know what I had to order when I was carefully checking the catalogue. And ended up ordering this one along with a moisturizing lotion and other products.
And I did not regret buying it. The Avon Naturals lip balm protects lips from dryness, has glossy shine and the sheer tint makes your lips look very attractive. The packaging is very cute. The chap stick comes in a chap stick of 4.6 gm and priced at Rs. 165/-

#4 Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm

I got this from my Pune haul when I was at Body Shop to pick up a lipstick for my mom who absolutely loves lipsticks. The strawberry lip balm seemed tempting, so I just picked it up. If you have guessed it yet, I have the habit of eating lip balms, so I often pick up strawberry or cherry flavoured ones.
The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm is a glossy and moisturizing lip balm that has a sweet and fruity flavor and makes your lips soft, smooth and kissable. It has a red shiny tint and is priced at Rs. 250 for a 10 ml pot.
The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it comes in a pot. Sticks are so much more convenient to apply. Pots kind of get messy and make your finger greasy just before leaving the house. Other variants in the same range include raspberry, passionberry, watermelon and satsuma.

#5 Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy Cherry Smile

I randomly picked it up and liked it. The balm is very soft and creamy in texture and not very thick. Lips feel hydrated, moisturised, soft and supple after application. The fragrance is great, but not overpowering. It gives a nice pinkish tint.
Lotus lip therapy contains an SPF 15 and comes in 6 flavours – chocolate, cocoa, cherry, vanilla, velvety rose and fresh mint. A 4 gm stick costed me Rs. 135/-

#6 Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

This is a daily night time favourite during winters. Easily available at every drug store, Himalaya Herbals lip balm the cheapest option available. I use it at night as substitute for petroleum jelly. No tint, mild fragrance and tasteless! So best option for men with chapped lips as well.
It comes in a really simple white couloured pack with a green screw cap and a slanted dispenser with a small hole that is appropriately sized. It hydrates and rejuvenates the lips and is known to have anti aging properties. It is not thick and light on the lips and helps nourish your lips. A 10 gm tube is priced at Rs. 28/-

Hope this post helped. These are what I used and liked until now. In case you want me to try some other lip balm, do write to me in the comments box below. 

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