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Street Shopping Guide: Commercial Street, Bangalore

On my visit to Bangalore, Commercial Street was a place recommended by most of my friends for easy street shopping. It is a part of the most important shopping area of the city that is spread over an area of 6 km from the state assembly building. Placed between Shivaji Nagar and Kamraj Road right in the heart of the city, Commercial Street is indeed a shopper's paradise.

You get trendy clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, stoles and everything else at a reasonably cheap price. The variety the shops have is admirable too. Spending just a few hours at Commercial Street will get you a satisfactory purchase of quiet a few things!

Commercial Street has many-many bi-lanes where you can spend hours on end simply looking at the goodies before you actually select on buying anything. Having a lot of bargain outlets, this is a great destination for college students who may have to make their wardrobes on a tight budget.

This is also a place the fashionistas can visit on a shopping spree. Those with a keen sense of style can put together quite an outfit, picking up different pieces of clothing from different outlets on the Commercial Street. Commercial Street is also home to some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, so there really is something for everyone here.

I thought of putting this up on the blog for girls keen on shopping at Commercial Street. Hope this helps!!!

10 Tips for shopping at Commercial Street

#1 Go along with a friend who knows the place well:

Unless you go with someone who knows the place well, you wouldn’t know how to find your way around the place. Also, it will make the experience so much fun!

#2 The earlier you go the better the pick:

Commercial Street is popular not only for shopping, but is also a favourite hangout place amongst youngsters. So the place gets pretty crowded in the evenings. Once the shoppers start crowding the place, it gets difficult to move around and locate stores. Also you might realise that the thing you liked has already been picked up by someone else.

#3 Set a budget:

The place is full of interesting things and you might end up picking up way more things than you intended too, thus spending extra. And you wouldn’t realise it until later! So set a budget before you set your foot into Commercial Street and think before you buy.

#4 Know where to shop:

Enjoy the experience of walking through Branded stores and actually buying clothes from the ones that are behind them in a secret street. Lanes to shop are the ones that are hidden behind these huge stores. A prominent gully will go right next to these branded ones, follow them and you will definitely hit a jackpot.

#5 Have patience:

Patience is the key to shopping at Commercial Street. Check out each and every piece from a shop you visit, that’s the way you will find the best pieces. Things aren’t sorted and the shop keeper wouldn’t know what you are looking for. So look around carefully and you will find something great!

#6 Bargain:

Don’t spend more than 350/- on a dress or jumpsuit and over 250/- on a top. Try bargaining at every shop. In case you liked more than one piece, try to get it for an even lower price.

#7 Watch out for defects before you buy:

Check for holes, tears, stains, missing studs or buttons before buying. In case you really liked something and think it can be fixed, bring the defect to the notice of the shopkeeper and he will happily give it to your for almost half the price. Or he might give you another piece at a good bargain.

#8 Don’t worry about size:

The shopkeepers will have another piece of the same thing you picked. So don’t hesitate to ask. Also many shops have a tailor and they will alter things for you quickly.

#9 Carry cash:

Most shops don’t accept credit cards. So carry cash and ample change to make the transaction faster and effortless.

#10 Enjoy your shopping spree:

Commercial Street has many popular restaurants. Don’t hesitate to stop by for a quick bite every now and then. It will also give you a mini break after every hour!

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