Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bangalore Diaries

All those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram might have already known that I went to Bangalore over the weekend. Cities fascinate me. And every time I visit a metropolitan city, I go on a shopping and hogging spree. So my Bangalore trip was no different.

Shop till you drop

After a quick breakfast of toast and eggs I headed to Commercial Street. My friend Nikky, isn’t a blogger, but is quite a fashionista and frequently visits Comm Street. So I had no worries about trying to find my way around the place or trying to figure out which store to enter. She knew what I would get where and guided me just right.

Commercial Street in Bangalore is as good as Saroji Nagar in Delhi or Colaba in Mumbai. A haven for street shoppers, the streets are filled with little stores selling everything from clothes, junk jewelry, accessories to handicrafts and antique pieces.

I scurried down the streets moving from one shop to another, picking and trying out things, bargaining and deciding what all to purchase. I managed to find quite a many things and I absolutely loved them. Find the Commercial Street shopping guide here.

I then headed to M. G. Road with friends in the late afternoon. I’d say Bangalore’s M. G. Road is one of the best in the country, well maintained and has the most iconic stores, restaurants, coffee shops and malls. The place was pretty crowded even at this time of the day.

Since we do not have a metro in Goa, we all boarded the metro just for fun. The evening was well spent at the next best shopping destination in the city- Brigade Road. There’s a whole bunch of places to shop at, including a high street chock-a-block with brand showrooms, street stalls and multi-brand arcades. Vera Moda, Lee, Van Heussen and Louis Philippe have their flagships here, while Fifth Avenue, Mota Royal Arcade and Eva mall at Residency Road house an array of different brands.

The street stalls are piled high with unbranded shoes, clothes and knick-knacks, and when you want respite, there are a slew of pubs and restaurants to walk in to. Absolutely exciting! I shall upload #ootd photographs on instagram wearing the awesome things from the Bangalore haul. So follow me! *wink*

Pity I couldn’t go pub hopping that night since I had serious work to do the next day. There is always a next time!

For the Love of Food

Did you by any chance assume that I starved myself the whole day as I was so excited shopping the whole day? No ways! Food is love. But I made sure I wouldn’t waste a lot of time eating, since I wanted to spend it shopping.

While shopping at Comm Street I stopped by for a quick bite at Woody’s, a place that serves great food. I was told it is one of the most popular places in Comm Street and after visiting it, I would say it is a must try. The place has such an old feel to it. With white tables and high stools, and a lengthy menu card.

I settled in for a madhurwada and a cuppa chai. I never heard of anything called madhurwada and decided I should try it out. It was crunchy and crispy vada, served with chutney like any other South Indian snack!

After a couple of hours, the sight of Krispy Kreme made me squeal with joy. I crave for Krispy Kreme Donoughnuts and Coffee and Mad Over Donuts for the sole reason that they aren’t available in Goa and no other place serves such great chocolate donuts! I devoured the chocolatey donut and hot chocolate. Heaven!

I had developed an addiction towards momos when I was in Delhi. And finding a momo stall on M. G. Road thrilled me. So I gobbled a plate of chicken momos and washed it down with bottles of aerated drinks. The afternoon sun had got to my nerves. Even though Bangalore was cooler, afternoons were still hot!

Late in the evening, before we went back we decided to chill for a while at the CCD outside the M. G. Road metro station. Right across the busy street, resides this peaceful haven surrounded by a little garden. I love cupcakes and coffee, so I love Cafe Coffee Day! The nachos were great too.

And dinner was like... (I forgot the name of the place)

I also visited St Josephs College and Garden City College and I am absolutely in love with their campus. Have a look!

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