Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Makeup Tutorial by Tracy 4

This is my all time favorite look. It’s an easy and quick natural look.

Products I used:
Coloréssence panstick FS-5
Coloréssence HD pressed powder CP-1
SHADOW limited collection eye palette shade no 5 & shade no 6
Lacto calamine
M.N france white eye pencil
Oriflame volume build mascara
Elle 18 lipshade no 53
M.N France brow pencil
1) Moisturize face using lacto calamine. It keeps your face hydrated and also acts as an excellent base to work your makeup on and last longer.
2) Apply Coloréssence panstick all over the face & lids using blending sponge. If blended properly it will give you clear flawless look covering your blemishes as well.
3) Taking Coloréssence HD pressed powder set your panstick base. So it doesn't crease out your lids and you get a smooth base to put on your shadow.
4) Take shade no 5 from the Shadow limited collection eye palette. Using a crease brush sweep it right into your crease and work it out to the lower lid. Blend it well. Now taking the shade no 6 sweep it right onto your brow bone just to give that lift up look. And also apply some onto the inner corner of the eyes. Again take the shade 5 n blend it into crease to avoid harsh lines.
5) Fill in your eyebrows. Stroke 2 coats of Oriflame volume built mascara into the lower and upper lashes. Stroke the white eye pencil on your waterline. Now taking the Elle 18 lipshade no 53 work it on your lips.
And you are ready... I didn't use blush or contouring for this look, since its just fresh everyday matte look. In case you try this look, write to us and send in your pictures and stand a chance to get featured on the blog.

About Tracy:

Tracy is a makeup artist based out of Goa, She specializes in fashion and bridal makeup. She is a guest blogger at The Glam Doll and posts makeup tutorials.

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