Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chocolate overdose at Cherry Square

I love chocolate. I love everything that has chocolate in it. Right from a chocolate bar to cupcakes and ice cream, I love them all. I would wanna confide at this moment that I can’t live without chocolate for even a few days.

So on a hot July afternoon, I head to Cherry Sqaure since I was told they serve some great desserts. The place was easy to locate at Balmatta, Mangalore. The setting is not really great, but gives you a family restaurant feel. Good place to hang out with a group of friends or family. It was rather silent and peaceful even though it is just a few meters away from the main road. Brownie points!

When the menu arrived, I glanced through the menu even though I was sure I wouldn’t be eating anything else besides dessert. I was there just to try the hot icecream which was recommended by a few friends. So when I reached the dessert section, I took my own sweet time to go through all the available ice creams and sundaes.

Since I was there to try ‘Some Like It Hot’, I ordered it without a second thought. I also ordered a nuttela cheesecake, but it wasn’t available. So settled in for a ‘Chocolatge War’ instead. After a good fifteen minutes wait I see the waiter approaching with a sizzler plate with ice cream on it.

The chocolate brownie base on the sizzler plate is coated with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He sets it down and pours the hot chocolate sauce on it, some of which trickled down and made it all the more tempting. Later he topped it with generous amount of nuts and yeayyyh my Some Like It Hot was ready.
Some Like It Hot at Cherry Square

The chocolate brownie was burnt a little too much, but I liked it. Some Like It hot. Definitely worth a try at Cherry Sqaure. It is filling. In case you aren’t really a foodie, its better you share it with someone else, since I doubt you will be able to finish it by yourself. It’s huge. It’s rich. It’s heavy!

I loved my second ice cream selection even more. The waiter arrived with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream. It had two scoops of chocolate ice cream, brownie and choco fudge, with a lots of choco chips and topped with choco sauce. This can be any chocolate lovers delight. Only try Chocolate War if you are a chocolate lover. I loved it though, even more than Some Like It Hot!
Chocolate War at Cherry Square

The desserts are tempting. And I am definitely going there for more. Probably this time for ‘Twister’ or ‘Tycoon’. Have you tried any of their desserts? Liked them? Write to us or comment below with recommendations. Or in case you want me to review any of those, let me know!

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